Monday, March 31, 2014

Attention Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses and the International Public:

Just so you readers know.... I sometimes update and/or revise the contents of this letter. (Last Revised on 12/06/2015)

The Governing Body of the Watchtower Society preaches that their skewed version of "truth will set you free..." and they indoctrinate all Jehovah's Witnesses to believe their version of "the truth" and to teach others that they are the only religion that is "The Truth!"  

In actuality, it is "The Truth About 'The Truth'" (TTATT) that gives the blessing of freedom from being seduced by that "You can live forever in Paradise" 'carrot' kept dangling in front of every Jehovah's Witness 'pack mule,' and from being controlled mentally, enslaved and entrapped by the twisted reasoning, twisted scriptures and circular logic of the Governing Body.  They refer to each other as "Brother" and "Sister," as a showy display, which barely covers the hatred and cruelty beneath their crust of faux 'love.'

Even though the stories of the survivors of this cult are fraught with the horrible things we endured and/or witnessed as Jehovah's Witnesses, the following video by John Cedars shows exactly how we are becoming today: 


By the way, it doesn't matter that you men of the Governing Body have recently relaxed your rigid rules of conformity (Can anyone say "The Stepford Wives?") to allow Jehovah's Witnesses to dance as a group in local Kingdom Halls (!!!) to the same song, in order to mimic the video that John Cedars created.  Your people are still not happy and it shows.  Nor will it eventually matter that you've had a "We can do anything the 'apostates' are doing, but better" moment and are now suddenly allowing "entertainment" with bands for dancing at your conventions, because seeing all the empty seats multiplying at your Kingdom Halls and conventions means you guys will soon be "all hat and no-o-o-o-o cattle!" Oh, wait...... your frequently-changing doctrines, many false prophecies, cruelties and greed, in the name of God, already qualify you for that brand.

These 10 experiences were major catalysts regarding my decision to leave the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, however you'll find the last paragraph of this post, the Post Script (P.S.)and the special message to Governing Body member Mr. Lett, near the bottom of this page, to be of particular interest after you've read the contents of this open letter....and all of the other stories that will follow, because we're just getting started here.

1. During the two years after I became a Jehovah's Witness and because of the Governing Body's more recent false prophecies, which began appearing in Watchtower publications as early as 1966, that 1975 was a “marked” year, regarding Armageddon, according to the Watchtower Society's version of bible chronology, many followers of the Governing Body foolishly went deeply into debt in 1973-74, making expensive purchases, for which they believed they would not have to pay.  By the end of 1975, there began a gradual “Exodus” of those who had believed the Governing Body's false prophecy, one of many made by them, which they would rush to deny and would quickly hide evidence (CYA aka "cover your ass" principle applies here) by issuing new publications, with disclaimers and refurbished false prophecies, to replace the old publications, containing old disclaimers and old false prophecies. Some Jehovah's Witnesses simply quit attending meetings and became inactive. 

Contributed by Haupi Justice

Even up to the present, the Governing Body discourages its followers from reading or researching material in their older publications. They steadily work to have the various congregations get rid of older books and publications, in which they’ve prophesied falsely, making false claims about past and future dates, etc., in order that no one can easily research and see clearly what false prophets the Watchtower Society's Governing Body truly are. They claim the changes are due to their "light getting brighter." But is well-known by avid bible scholars that the antichrist appears as a messenger or angel of light.  I'm positive that an Etch-a-Sketch was not used to engrave ten commandments in stone, nor would any God find it necessary to keep changing light bulbs for a greater or totally different wattage.

2. In 1985, the Governing Body changed the wording of the two baptismal questions given each inductee just prior to baptism.  Instead of being baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, future Jehovah's Witnesses would be baptized in allegiance to the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society, which signified the Governing Body's claim-jumping of Christ's position as the only mediator between God and mankind.  When I was disfellowshipped for apostasy, (even had it been warranted scripturally, which it was not) I had never pledged allegiance to a group of earthling men known as the Governing Body and was not guilty of that of which I was accused.
3.  That same year, my unbaptized oldest teenaged son fell in with bad company and committed a crime. He was sentenced and sent away for approximately one year to Juvenile Detention.  I repeatedly begged the elders to write to him or get some of the younger brothers in the congregation to write to him to encourage him. No one ever did. When he returned home, he was so remorseful and wanted to begin working towards baptism into the organization. But the elders had notified me shortly before he was due back that they were announcing to the congregation that he was disfellowshipped/ disassociated, even though he had never been baptized. They also did not notify him of their decision, but ordered that I should be the one to tell him after he returned. It was with a very heavy heart that I told my son of their decision right after he told me what his feelings and plans were regarding the path he had decided to take.  This resulted in my son returning immediately to Juvenile Detention for deliberately returning to bad association and committing further crimes in order to be sent away again. Evidently, he no longer felt it was worth his time and efforts to return.

4.  In the mid-1980's, a pioneer sister approached me and confided the story behind the disfellowshipping of another pioneer sister.  She told me that they were to go out in field service (ministering house-to-house) one morning, and when she approached and knocked on the other sister's door, there was no answer.  Only silence.  Later she learned that, as she knocked on the door, the other pioneer sister was being raped in her bed, while the rapist held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill both of them, if his victim cried out.  

Due to the waffle-y "scream/don't scream" teaching of the WT-B.S. (Watchtower - Bull$hit), it was a disfellowshipping offense to not scream (at that time) if one is being raped, and the pioneer sister who was raped was victimized all over again for saving the other pioneer sister's life.  Such outstanding compassion and mercy you guys have dictated to your followers.  NOT! 

5. In 1989, a year after I moved to California, I was injured in a car accident.  By March, 1990, my money had run out, we were on public assistance and soon to be evicted from our apartment, since I could no longer pay rent. My older sister, a Jehovah's Witness who’d invited me out there and lived in the same apartment complex had essentially already turned her back on us, probably because she didn't feel the need to be engaged in Christian conduct. My sister's friend, another Jehovah's Witness who lived there and for whom I had found a well-paying job, refused to loan me either of her two cars (she lived alone) and refused to even drive us to the store or to medical appointments. Both of my ankles were still badly sprained, because we had to walk everywhere we needed to go and they had no opportunity to heal properly.  My head was still swollen, black and blue from the double concussion. I applied for and received the funds from public assistance to move to another less expensive apartment and made a phone call to the elders for help with moving, since I had absolutely no one around who would or could help me. I simply needed some strong backs and a pickup to move our belongings.

Charitable Works Prescribed by the Governing Haughty - CSF

When the day before our eviction arrived, we needed to be moving out, though I had yet to hear from the elders. I kept watch that last day to see if they would show up to help us. Neither had anyone else from either congregation shown up at any time since the car accident to see if we were even still alive. Finally, late afternoon, there was a knock on my door. It was two ministerial servants from the Kingdom Hall, dressed in suits, prepared to do the elders' dirty work for them. They told me they’d been sent by the Presiding Overseer to let me know that there was no way they were going to provide me with the funds to move and that since I had gotten myself into that mess, I could just very well get myself out of it. I had wondered why they had suits on and why there were only two of them when they had arrived at my door. Now I knew and I took the opportunity to "enlighten" them regarding the Body of Elders' presumptuousness. 

After they left, I realized we were completely alone, having been deserted by every person we knew and there would be no help forthcoming. I had already rented a studio apartment some distance away with the moving funds provided for us, but the Constable was scheduled to arrive the next day and throw our belongings into the street, because we had no way to move them by ourselves. I began praying. 

The next morning a young woman from another congregation came to check up on us, because her family had heard I was in a car accident. When I told her what had happened with my request for help from the elders, she called her parents and their whole family was there with a pickup truck within less than an hour. There are some good people in their organization, after all.  These are the ones to whom we're trying to reach out.

6. The elders of the congregation from which I moved wouldn’t accept my youngest son’s efforts to qualify for baptism. They couldn’t convincingly say why, even though I showed them from the scriptures that their requirements for baptism were not scriptural. At one point the Circuit Overseer was visiting our congregation and one of his speeches was about parents trying to help their children be baptized and he called it "nepotism." I thought to myself, ‘Hmm, does that make Jehovah or God a nepotist, too, since he approved and supported his son's baptism?'  The circuit overseer's speech was from the podium at a meeting in the Kingdom Hall in front of the whole congregation. His speech and what another elder did to my son one morning were catalysts that moved me to change back to the congregation, which had moved into the Kingdom Hall on Iris Lane that also served as the new local Assembly Hall for all the congregations in the city. These catalysts became part of more than a few reasons why I would deliberately force the Governing Body to disfellowship me two years later.  Of course now, with so many leaving the Watchtower Society, they've lowered the somewhat waffle-y age requirement for baptism and they are baptizing pre-teens to pad their membership statistics.

7. One morning, my youngest son, who had been promised by an elder, "Brother" Bengal, that he would pick him up for field service, went out to the apartment complex parking lot in the freezing rain with nothing but his suit jacket to keep him warm and dry. He waited for an hour and forty-five minutes to be picked up. When he came back in crying his little heart out, I was shocked, because I thought he was already out in field service. Oh, the elder had finally shown up all right, but "Brother" Bengal had left his "showboat" of a car in the Kingdom Hall parking lot and hitched a ride in a small to mid-sized car full of pioneers (special title for those who devote full time to the preaching work) and when they drove up, Bengal told my son they didn’t have room for him.... "Sorry!" After that, my son would never feel the same about wanting to get baptized or being a witness again. It broke his heart and mine, too.

8. While we waffled back and forth between two Kingdom Halls, an older sister in the congregation began to "buddy-up" to us, paying us irregular visits at home and taking us out in field service and to the meetings.  I vaguely wondered, ‘Why?’ but dismissed my concerns as unimportant, even though her sudden attention made me uneasy. She would unexpectedly "pop in" for visits at our home. What was she trying to find and why? I was still trying to help my son fulfill his wish to be baptized, even though by now his heart was no longer in it.

One night at a meeting, I noticed that both the Presiding Overseer’s wife and this older sister went to the restroom during the meeting, one following the other. I quickly arose from my seat, because I suspected something was going on with both of them going to the bathroom almost at the same time, so I followed them to the bathroom. When I entered the door, there were the two of them, the older sister’s lips pressed up against the Presiding Overseer’s wife’s ear, whispering. She had such a wicked gleam in her eyes and they both jumped back from each other when I entered and each one gave me a big fake smile and quickly left the restroom.

The next time the older sister took us out in field service, I confronted her about the incident in the bathroom and she admitted that the Presiding Overseer had her "befriend" us, in order to spy on us. I never could find out exactly why.  I wasn’t doing anything but working, studying, going out in field service (peddling magazines door-to-door) and attending meetings. At the next meeting we attended, the Presiding Overseer turned my son down for baptism again.

9. During the same time period, that Presiding Overseer (P.O.) also gave a disfellowshipping talk that would have singed your ear hairs.  He stood onstage at the podium and graphically described in a very denigrating, sneering manner.. ....all the sights, sounds and smells of the acts of fornication that a young Pioneer sister had engaged in to get herself disfellowshipped..... as she sat there in the middle of the congregation, and loudly sobbed her heart out, while the young Pioneer “brother” involved merely received public reproof as his punishment, because it is "business as usual" for Judicial Committees in the congregations to place the heavier blame on the women or victims and not the predators. The Kingdom Hall was full of families with small children that were subjected to those descriptions!  

My son and I were totally disgusted with the P.O. to the point that we wanted to stand up in the middle of his discourse and exit the Kingdom Hall, but our butts had been plastered to our seats by the Society's deeply-programmed teachings, preventing us from making a scene.  I wish now that I had walked out during his disgusting diatribe, but not before walking over to that heartbroken young woman and giving her a great big hug and reassuring her that she was already forgiven.

I knew that the elders on the committee reviewing the incident had intensely questioned that young woman for all the explicit details of the actions for which she had been disfellowshipped. Otherwise, how could the P.O. have known what to graphically, sordidly describe in front of the whole congregation? Some elders are notorious for this. Some of them do not ever remain discreet about anything, unless it concerns their own behavior.

I know that not all elders are that way, but still..... when elders stay silent for fear of bringing condemnation from the other elders down on their heads, they remain part of the problem. The good elders leave.

10.   Additionally during this same time period, a young married sister in our congregation lost her husband in a motorcycle accident.  I began planning to visit her to encourage her and to bring food, because she was unemployed and was left bereaved with four children to feed.  A prissy-mouthed elder, upon learning of my plan, approached me after a meeting at the Kingdom Hall and told me that he had heard that I was planning to visit her.  I responded that I was.  
Prissy-mouth Elder Contributed by Noel Parsons
He then cautioned me to cancel my plans, because, "She's emotionally labile."  

I glared at him as I responded with, "Good!  I would think something was incredibly wrong, if she weren't emotional at the loss of a loved one!"  

I walked away.  BUT.... How does an attitude such as the one displayed by that elder qualify them to serve in a leadership capacity in an allegedly "Christian congregation?"

It's been 23 years since I wrote the letter that forced my disfellowshipping from the #WatchtowerSociety of #JehovahsWitnesses. It was a letter to the Governing Body at their Bethel Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, and I knew what their response would be, before I sent it to them.  Oh, yes, I could have sent a letter of disassociation, but it would have signified (to me) that I was turning my back on all the good people still ensnared in the Society's tentacles.  No, I preferred to follow in the footsteps of the true Christ at that time.

Contributed by Noel Parsons
In my letters to those self-proclaimed "bride-zillas," who now falsely claim to be the ONLY mediator between God and mankind, I called them white-washed graves, told them that they were haughty and didn't know the meaning of love or compassion or mercy, that their criteria for baptism was not scriptural, that they had falsely prophesied about the time of the end numerous times. I quoted many of the scriptures from their "New World Translation" as evidence which indicted their behaviors. 

Of course, they have changed the wording and added and deleted scriptures from their version of the bible several times since then. I'm sure it's only because their previous translations were premature articulation, not changed just to cover their asses.

I've discovered since that time that many of their teachings, practices and doctrines, such as disfellowshipping (shunning as if a person were dead), disallowance of blood transfusions (they've waffled a lot on this one and are blood guilty to an extreme) and their mistreatment of victims of sexual assault in their midst is totally un-Christian and un-scriptural.

Of particular interest to note.... The Governing Body has set themselves up as usurpers of Christ's position, proclaiming themselves to be a "bride class," the "faithful and discreet slave," and the only mediator between God and mankind.  Yeah, just wait until you see a copy of the "secret" Elder's Handbook, dictated by the Governing Body and copies of some of their letters to elders regarding how certain things are to be handled by the elders, such as cases of sexual assault, rape, and child molestation, wherein they order that their sexual predators and pedophiles are to be protected via the 2-witness rule and the victims are to be intimidated, further traumatized and threatened into order to protect the Watchtower Society's reputation at all costs, victims be damned.  Why?  A bad reputation = fewer donations, and they've got a LOT of lawsuits pending against them, which will need to be paid. 

The 8 Biggest Shocks From the Elder’s Secret Handbook for Jehovah’s Witnesses

Later, I found out that there had been a campaign of lies spread about my leaving the Watchtower Society.  You see, once you're no longer a member, the Governing Body has a set of "guidelines" that prevent any one of their members to have any contact with any former member. Former members are shunned to the extreme, cut off from their families and friends, treated as if they no longer exist. In order to reinforce their Governing Body's dictates on the matter, the bodies of elders engage in spreading vicious rumors about those who leave and/or those who are disfellowshipped. The rumors they spread about me were that I had gone off to start my own religion and had changed my name. It was so lame that I laughed when I heard about it. Then I knew that the rumors about an anointed married couple that had been disfellowshipped in California because they had "overdosed on the scriptures and gone insane" were more than likely unfounded, just more vicious lies to prevent others from hearing the truth about the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society.

It's a good defense to go on the offense, and destroy your victims' credibility to the extreme. It's the same Modus Operandi that abusers/control freaks and sexual predators use to discredit their victims' claims. That M.O. and the Governing Body's shunning policy work as a double whammy to take away the voices of those who would reveal the true nature and agenda of the Governing Body and the voices of the victims of pedophiles and sexual predators.  Meanwhile, those pedophiles and sexual predators are sitting in the midst of your congregations, at your side, right now.  The whole organization is rife with them.  

AAWA has a world map, a work-in-progress, showing the locations of those predators among you. has a list of them.  Those sexual predators of both children and adults are going out in the preaching work, door-to-door, probably already focusing on their next target or victim in your congregation or neighborhood, because elders have effectively silenced their other victims, so no one in your congregations will have any warning.  

Australia's Royal Commission has investigated them and discovered over 1000 sexual predators/child molesters among the Aussie JWs.  The Royal Commission has determined that the Elders and Governing Body members are liars, among other things and that their concern is only for the Society's reputation and donations, as evidenced by the Society's response to the determinations of the Royal CommissionYour women and children are NOT safe!

Of course, after I finally connected with other former or Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses online, who have done and continue to do massive amounts of research on the sneaky, lying, hypocritical, manipulative works of the Governing Body, a lot more of their under-handedness and lies have been revealed, for there are many Ex-Jehovah's Witness websites which reveal concrete physical evidence against the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society, produced from the Society's own publications and there are support groups and forums online ON EVERY CONTINENT for those who have left or are thinking of leaving.

Those Ex-Jehovah's Witness groups and forums are filling up with people who are exiting or have already made their exit from the Watchtower Society, with horrific stories of abuses, sexual assaults, pedophilia, threats against and maltreatment of the predators' victims, misogyny, and the seduction via the "love-bombing" initiation of vulnerable elderly people into giving the Watchtower Society their Power of Attorney and naming the elders as executors of their estates, which, in turn, has resulted in those vulnerable elderly being soon ushered into nursing homes to die alone and their estates being liquidated, the proceeds then being turned over to the Watchtower Society.

There is also a website,, founded by a former Jehovah's Witness, which is neutral so as to give not only a voice to the exiting victims of sexual predators among Jehovah's Witnesses, but also for those victims who still remain and to help them obtain all legal resources. There are lawsuits which have been brought and won against their Society and many more to come, so the Governing Body's financial department is scrambling to come up with funds as compensation for all the legal claims against them and for those legal claims and criminal charges that are being brought against them in the future.  There are Jehovah's Witness pedophiles and sexual predators around the globe who are being caught and criminally charged right now.

So now.....24 years later, upon seeing the trickle of new Ex-Jehovah's Witness group members increase from 2 or 3 per week to a steadily escalating "Exodus" numbering into the thousands from your Watchtower Society, I want to tell you men of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, you have disfellowshipped all of us, ordered that we be shunned and proclaimed that we are "mentally diseased apostates," telling "apostate-driven lies," (Yes, we have your publications from which these quotes comes,) War of Words - Watchtower Society Magazine Labels Those Who Leave "Mentally-diseased Apostates."  You've done all these things in order to shut us up and take away our voices, but I've got front page news for you.  We're taking back our voices and our dignity.

I looked up the word "apostate" in the Oxford dictionary.  The ORIGIN of the word is as follows:  "Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin apostata, from Greek apostat─ôs 'apostate, runaway slave'."  There is also the definition that states that apostate means "abandoning a religious belief or principle."  Both of those are true, but you've taken it personally, as if those who leave are abandoning YOU.  You're right about you earthling men being abandoned, but you do not qualify as a religious belief, other than in your own minds, nor are you principled, especially when money, to which you feel that you are entitled, is involved.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

Please note that everyone who has left and has suffered from PTSD, depression, panic attacks and/or suicidal tendencies, have been diagnosed as having these disorders as a DIRECT RESULT of the treatment they received, as prescribed and/or supported by YOU men of the Governing Body, while they were members of your Watchtower Society.

Nothing says fear like anger and slander and we Ex- Jehovah's Witnesses do NOT need to make up or tell lies about any of the experiences we've had in your "borganization," nor is there anything to be gained by legitimate news agencies publishing false information about the sexual predators and pedophiles, who have been caught in your midst.  Those articles are true.  This is what abusive people do to their victims.

You campaign to discredit anything your victims may say.  To you earthling men of the Governing Body, I say, "You are losing and therefore using "dirty politics" in an attempt to keep your strangle-hold on those who are waking up and can smell the "bullshit" that you keep pumping out from your lecterns and in your publications and videos.  

That's sort of like the Wizard of Oz used loud thunderous crashes and intimidating threats to scare Dorothy and her companions. "I am the great and powerful Oz!  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"  "We are the great and powerful JahzPay no attention to apostates!"  I only have one question:  HOW'S THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU GUYS NOW?

Contributed by Noel Parsons

Love your new idolatrous logo!  Of course, as you men of the Governing Body well know, paper comes from trees, the pages in a book are referred to as "leaves," which are adorned or "decorated" with many engraved (printed) "images," which are representative of things in the heavens above and things in the earth below."  "To the making of many books, there is no end....."  Just maybe... that last part isn't true.

A special message for Mr. Stephen Lett, a member of the Governing Body, regarding your recent video on JW Broadcasting, in which you warn rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses to "reject apostate-driven lies," about pedophiles within the Watchtower Society organization, in an attempt to completely invalidate the genuine experiences of child victims like Candace Conti, Jose Lopez and many other brave survivors (both male and female) of abusive sexual predators in your midst, victims who have exposed and are exposing the Watchtower Society for its negligent policies that leave children in harms' way, leave whole families unprotected and clueless about the scum within your congregations.

From a few of the scathing comments made by some who are obviously JW zombies, regarding the sex abuse coverup court cases against you men and your organization, which repeatedly accuse the plaintiff victims of just being out for money, it's obvious that you men have promoted that idea among the 'Rank and File' Jehovah's Witnesses to denigrate the victims' justified causes and downplay your involvement.  The reason you're being sued is actually because of your orders to silence the victims in any way possible, even by the use of threats and intimidation, which of course, not only continued to "enable" the predators, but also left other families and children vulnerable to the sexual predators in their midst.  

For you to lay the blame on "protecting Jehovah's name and organization," is a huge "tell."  God doesn't need your protection and His "organization" more than likely consists of the angelic hosts.  Also, He doesn't need money to fund His armies.
Contributed by Noel Parsons
So it finally comes down to you haughty earthling men in a power play to protect, not God's name and earthly "organization," but your own claim as God's "only" mediator with mankind and the flow of donations to your corporate bank accounts. 

Mr. Lett, (for that's all you are, earthling man) your video reveals that Watchtower Society Headquarters is receiving a lot of questioning phone calls regarding what people are learning, re: TTATT (The Truth About The Truth), which can be easily found online now, with concrete evidence from your very own publications and videos and you members of the heirarchy are "running scared," trying to do damage control, but your lame- blame efforts lack credibility, considering the exposed contents of your "secret elders' handbook" and many other pertinent quotations from your own publications.  

Victims of sexual, psychological and verbal abuse have no need to make up stories about their adverse experiences at the hands of your allegedly "Christian" congregation members.  Their stories all ring true and are being upheld as by various judicial systems in an international venue.  

Your video merely exposes you men as the self- prognosticating liars you have already proven yourselves to be.  Your claim that the Watchtower Society takes action to protect your young ones is a blatant lie, in direct contrast to a plethora of your publications contents and what your Watchtower Society Supervisor, Richard Ash revealed, in saying that within the congregations, "Ours is a spiritual protection.  When we're talking about physical protection, that's up to the secular authorities to provide."  

Additionally, your letter to all the Bodies of Elders (BOEs) in 2012, clearly explains that Elders must not take action unless there are 2 witnesses to the sexual assault or the confession of the sexual predator and that the Elders must contact the Watchtower Society legal department before taking any action.

The victims of these sexual predators never claimed that you are "permissive" towards the perpetrators, only that you protect them.  You do protect pedophiles, aiding and abetting them, by not allowing them to be exposed, by silencing the victims and their families and by failure on your part to report them to legal authorities. These are sins of omission.

How many sexual assaults are normally accessorized with witnesses, in your point of view?  

How many sexual predators normally confess, if there is no other witness to their predation?

How can secular authorities provide the protection for children in your congregations, when you refuse to allow the victims and/or their families to report predators and threaten them with expulsion, if they report or tell anyone else in the congregations about the predators among you? 

Why have you and your legal department refused to provide the judicial system with Watchtower Society documentation regarding all the reports of sexual assaults by predators in your congregations, which documents have already been legally verified as in existence?  

Do you actually think it's within your first amendment right to deny justice to the victims?  To deny protection to other members of the congregation, by not allowing them to know about the scum in your midst?  Your right to tear families apart?  Your right to further traumatize and intimidate the victims and their families with threats of expulsion, in order to protect your organization's reputation, in your hope to offset the damage caused by losing members and thus, donations of money? 
Rather than being the "peacemakers," which bring "oneness," you appear to be "the hidden rocks in your love feasts, clouds without water, carried along by winds, feeding yourselves without fear."

The Watchtower Society has always been a non-prophet organization and if you earthling men continue to dictate as you have in the past, you will also become a non-profit organization.

There is no proof, no evidence to support your claim that what XJWs are now making public are "apostate-driven lies."  On the other hand, the survivors of your tax-exempt (for now) publishing company, posing as a fake religion, have been collecting a massive amount of evidence to the contrary......... which you yourselves have provided.

Neither is there any proof that you are the bride (class) of Christ, the faithful and discreet slave and now the ONLY mediator between God and mankind.  If there were proof in the scriptures, you would be able to produce the evidence, instead of merely making the claim and expecting all of your followers to continue following your teachings.

Contributed by Noel Parsons via the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses

By the way, Mr. Lett....your mouth gyrations remind me of Albert Finney, in the role of "Daddy Warbucks" in "Little Orphan Annie." It makes me think that your diction coach misled you into believing that wide open mouth gyrations like "Daddy Warbucks" would make you appear to be sincere to your audience.  End message.

                               The Iceberg That Will Sink The Watchtower Society
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
Appropriate Smile by Cheshire Cat

Contributed by Noel Parsons