Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The story of Anna Nim Uss

I was a born in the third generation of a family in the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses and raised in their version of the "truth" all my life.  We were the perfect family...on the outside.  Due to the stress of having to constantly be perfect, my father would snap and lose his temper at times.  Even so, that was home and I loved being one of Jehovah's Witnesses.
I wanted badly to be baptized.  Being a baptized “publisher” in the Watchtower Society is considered by young people to be on a level with getting your first drivers’ license.  When I was fifteen years old, along with three others around the same age, from my congregation, I was baptized.  I also made the decision never to marry a Jehovah's Witness.   I knew that something was wrong.  I wasn't sure what it was, but I definitely didn't want to be trapped in a marriage with another  Jehovah's Witness.  

As I grew into adulthood, I begin to have more and more doubts.  I fell in love with a "worldly" man (not a Jehovah's Witness) and left the Watchtower Society.  The elders disfellowshipped me, but I didn't care, because I was angry about all the wrong things going on in our congregation that I saw. 

After being gone for only four years, I felt as if something were missing and I was drawn back to them.   When a person leaves the Watchtower Society, which occupies such a large part of their life, it creates a major vacuum in their life, which is not easily filled.   Though I managed to get reinstated, I was never back 100%, and all the recent changes have me doing research for the first time.  I feel as though I'm in a constant state of shock, surprise and horror over the magnitude of concrete evidence, showing the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society are major hypocrites, false prophets and abusive liars.  Even so it's a relief, as well, and part of me feels free.  I'm not worried about being accused of what Jehovah's Witnesses refer to as "apostate thinking" or anything else.
My bigger problem is convincing myself it's a cult.  On one level, I know it is.  Yet, on another level, I'm thinking, 'Really?  Really?' 

NOTE:  If you are a former or Ex-Jehovah's Witness, who would like to have your case reviewed legally, concerning you or your child having been molested/raped and receiving no assistance from anyone in the Watchtower Society, you can contact William H. Bowen, the founder of  For confidential contact info, check with Admin. in "The Truth Behind Jehovah's Witnesses" group on Facebook.

If you would like to have your CHILD CUSTODY case reviewed, William H. Bowen also founded the Jehovah's Witnesses Child Custody website to provide information and assistance for former or Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses with child custody issues. 

If you are a former or Ex-Jehovah's Witness in need of counseling concerning you or your child having been molested/raped, please go to the Silent Lambs website for assistance.

Want to know where to find the concrete evidence against the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses?  Here's a few links to get you started:
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^^^ The above website includes "An Elder Shares His Honest Opinions"  (THAT should be an interesting read!)