Friday, May 16, 2014

The Story of Brian Splint Bartholin of Scandinavia

I live in Denmark (Scandinavia).  I was born into "the truth," as the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses so fondly refer to their beliefs.  It was a strict and difficult upbringing that shaped me; I learned that I was a bad person, "who was rebellious from the start" (my mothers words - refreshed not very long ago).

I hated being a Jehovah's Witness and I dragged my shame around for ages.  When my teenage years set in, I went wild and left home at the age of sixteen.  Not having any real skills about how to manage real life, I drifted into bad relationships with bad friends.

I finished my education as a Car Painter, while being on the run from Jehovah's Witnesses.  Sadly the Watchtower Society's dogmas had become part of me, and I was trapped in a state of fear of "death at Armageddon," and serious guilt trips because of all that I went through as a child.

As years went by, I tried so many times to conform (alter myself), and I hung by Watchtower Society teachings even as a "worldly" person, not baptized as a Jehovah's Witness.  At the age of twenty-seven, I drifted into the world of drugs.  Heroine was just the thing I needed to escape, and I began my career of ten years as an addict.

Life passed by and went down the drain.  When I became almost ready to die, something happened.  I realized that I very much wanted to live.  I managed to get help from my doctor, and after a couple of psychotherapy lessons, I found the strength to fight my addiction.

After I became drug-free and all, the municipality offered me a paid education.  I thanked them, saying, "Yes!" and decided to become a school teacher.  Making a long story short, while preparing for my training to teach, I studied the subject that was chosen for 6th grade history class.  The information I was studying totally blew my faith away.  My belief in Creation and the Flood fell away, in light of the evidence for human activity in Europe.  Evidence was so clear cut and I let it in.

Searching for some basis of faith and trying to maintain a religious world-view, I went on to study the "Historic Jesus," in detail.  This was and still is the best thing I ever did.  I learned so much, and became able to see that faith in Christ and Jehovah is ridiculous, and by no means supported by either the bible or history at all.  I found the Watchtower Society's New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures to be HIGHLY unreliable in every aspect whatsoever.

Having finished my teaching education with a B.A., I now teach history, comparative religious studies, social studies and math/algebra, in the full range of the Danish school system.

I'm so happy that I got out of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, which almost took my life, and I have decided to let my story and experiences be told, for all to hear (the reason I visit pages/sites/groups like this one).

NOTE:  If you are a former or Ex-Jehovah's Witness, who would like to have your case reviewed legally, concerning you or your child having been molested/raped and receiving no assistance from anyone in the Watchtower Society, you can contact William H. Bowen, the founder of  For confidential contact info, check with Admin. in "The Truth Behind Jehovah's Witnesses" group on Facebook.

If you would like to have your CHILD CUSTODY case reviewed, William H. Bowen also founded the Jehovah's Witnesses Child Custody website to provide information and assistance for former or Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses with child custody issues. 

If you are a former or Ex-Jehovah's Witness in need of counseling concerning you or your child having been molested/raped, please go to the Silent Lambs website for assistance.

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