Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Story of Jennifer “Z”

I was born into the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, a third generation family member, though I became inactive in 2002 for many reasons.   In 2009, out of the blue, two elders knocked at my door after seven years of not having any contact with the Watchtower Society.  This was when my father was in a nursing home and dying.  The elders had the audacity to invite me to a Judicial Committee meeting, so I told them to "pi$$ off."  I was disfellowshipped in absentia, a month or two later.

I have 3 beautiful daughters.  My oldest is out and we are very close.  My middle daughter married into a very seriously connected Jehovah's Witness family and has a little boy who will soon be seven years old.  I haven't seen him since my father's funeral, when he was age three, and I haven't seen my daughter since January, 2011.  This daughter suffers from a very severe case of bipolar disorder and has tried many times to take her life.  The last time that I am aware of was a year ago in February.  She was institutionalized and finally spoke to a doctor who told her that shunning her mother and sister, who both love her is wrong.  She asked for me, but of course, no one contacted me.  A month later, she told her husband that she wanted out of the cult, however she was "okay" with her little boy attending the meetings with her husband.  She contacted her sister and myself and we had a beautiful reunion planned.  Once the uber-Jehovah's Witness family got word of this, they took her son away from her and used him to blackmail her into returning.   I haven't heard from her since that time and I'm worried sick.  If anything were to happen, I would never know.

My youngest daughter has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.  She also cuts herself and is covered in scars.  She lived very happily with my husband and myself until the Jehovah's Witnesses got hold of her one weekend and convinced her that she was living with the devil, that it was time to "come back to Jehovah."  Approximately one week later, she moved out in the middle of the night and I haven't seen her since November, 2012.   I didn't even know where she went for the longest time.  I finally found out she went to live with my ex-husband, who used to be an elder and is very abusive.  His wife is also extremely abusive and a "nut job."  I took very tender care of my youngest daughter and always worried about her hurting herself, even under happy circumstances.  She constantly battles feelings of inadequacy and the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses is a cult that does nothing to ease those feelings.  She is back deeply into this cult now and I am worried sick, every second of every day.

I am here to fight!  Thank you to all former Jehovah's Witnesses for all that you do and for all the members of these Ex-Jehovah's Witness groups for support and love, as we all fight this insidious beast together! 

NOTE:  If you are a former or Ex-Jehovah's Witness, who would like to have your case reviewed legally, concerning you or your child having been molested/raped and receiving no assistance from anyone in the Watchtower Society, you can contact William H. Bowen, the founder of  For confidential contact info, check with Admin. in "The Truth Behind Jehovah's Witnesses" group on Facebook. 

If you would like to have your CHILD CUSTODY case reviewed, William H. Bowen also founded the Jehovah's Witnesses Child Custody website to provide information and assistance for former or Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses with child custody issues.

If you are a former or Ex-Jehovah's Witness in need of counseling concerning you or your child having been molested/raped, please go to the Silent Lambs website for assistance.

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