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Inaugural Watchtower Victims Memorial Day - July 26, 2014

Watchtower Victims Memorial Day – July 26th via  

Watchtower Victims Memorial Day Website

Tens of thousands of former and current Jehovah’s Witnesses have lost their lives or have sacrificed their family, their health, and their emotional well-being due to the harmful policies of this religion. Some have refused lifesaving medical treatment including blood transfusions and organ transplants, while others are completely shunned by their family for simply leaving the religion, including young ones.
Still others must endure horrific violence on a daily basis, as women are encouraged to stay with abusive men in the hopes of converting them, and child sex assault victims must produce a second witness to their attack before their accusations are heard. Rape victims may face severe shunning for “fornication,” and child abuse in the form of extreme discipline is often encouraged.

July 26, 2014, marks the inaugural Watchtower Victims Memorial Day. On this day, people from around the world are invited to leave a flower and card or another small memorial at a local Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It is encouraged to take a picture or make a video of the memorial to post on the official Facebook page, and to be sure the card or memorial includes the Facebook page address so that others may learn its meaning.

For those who must remain anonymous or who do not wish to visit a Kingdom Hall, a memorial might be left in a public park. Participation should be in any way that is comfortable for each individual.

This event is not limited to former Jehovah’s Witnesses, but is an opportunity for anyone who opposes their practices and policies to show support and solidarity for their victims.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to post a comment. More information will follow, but in the meantime, please mark your calendar. Thank you everyone.

July 26 is Watchtower Victims Memorial Day. Demonstrate your love for those who have died or are still trapped within the Watchtower's walls.  Join us!  

A reminder to those who wish to remain anonymous or who do not want to visit a Kingdom Hall during our Memorial Day on July 26:  You can leave your memorial at a public park, on the beach, in front of a public building such as a museum, at a bus stop in the city, or anywhere else that is comfortable and safe for you!

Please try to include our Facebook page address:  Watchtower Victims Memorial Day, July 26, 2014 group on Facebook on your memorial, so people may visit and learn the meaning of this day, and take a picture if possible to share with us here. Love to all of you! - Bo Juel

With our Memorial Day coming up soon, this might be a good time to share some reminders and cautions for everyone:

1. Please do not trespass on or vandalize anyone's property, including Kingdom Halls. Some are under the mistaken impression that Kingdom Halls are public property and that anyone has the right to be there at any time, but this is incorrect; they are privately owned, so if you're asked to leave, please do so immediately.

2. Use discretion if you're approached by Jehovah's Witnesses. You may want to talk about this day, but if you can't or don't want to, don't feel pressured! Walk away and let your memorial speak for you.

3. Be very cautious about using candles. If you do, be sure they're never unattended.

4. Remember that this event is not limited to former Jehovah's Witnesses but was created for everyone who opposes their policies to show support for the victims. Feel free to invite friends, supportive family, coworkers, church members, and anyone else to go with you or to participate on their own.

5. When leaving a memorial, please try to include this Facebook page address so that passers-by may visit here and learn its meaning. It's also appreciated if you can take a photo of your memorial and upload it to this page with the location, so everyone can see the support worldwide!

6. Consider showing support for all victims of the Watchtower Society, even if you're not personally affected by the same issues. These could be pedophile victims, victims of domestic violence, those who are shunned, rape victims who have been threatened with being disfellowshipped for "fornication," those who have lost their lives due to the ever-changing stand on blood, and anyone else that comes to mind.

Comments posted by Michelinda Beisly Smith - July 24, 2014:

My comments on my wall regarding the victims memorial:

I have not shared this before because it was too far away in time, but now it is time to share.  This is a day set aside to let people know what kind of pain the Watchtower Society cult causes.  It is also a day to set aside for people who DIED because of this "religious" cult.

There is even a special magazine put out by that alleged religious group, Youths Who Put God First - Awake mag. - 05/22/1994, glorifying the children they allowed to die, because the Watchtower Society refused to let them have the medical treatment they needed.  It is viewed by Watchtower Society leaders and members as "wonderful" that the parents made the decision to let their child DIE, rather than give them the medical treatment needed, a blood transfusion.  There are a lot of victims, both those dead and those who lived through it.  

This is a day set aside to remember those who were victims of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, the "religion" that allows and protects pedophiles and rapists and does not report their crimes, that allows spouse abuse and blames it on the spousal victim, that allows people to die rather than speak up for the victims and restricts the victims and their family members from speaking out against the many sexual predators among them.  This "religion" that teaches parents to throw their children out in the street, if they disagree with the Governing Body's religious viewpoint, which teaches shunning of those disfellowshipped, (never speaking, talking, eating and recently not even allowed to EMAIL a person), because that family member and/or friend doesn't believe in their religious convictions.  Jehovah's Witness parents are not allowed to talk to their children, adults who have been disfellowshipped are not allowed to talk to their children, friends, or siblings.  Extended family is to be alienated because they are "going to die anyway" and you don't want to be mistaken for caring about them.  
This is a "religion" that will preach love to you, while checking out your house, because if you don't listen to them, they believe that you will die and they will get to inherit the Earth and will then have their choice of what is left.  They might even want your house.  

Jehovah's Witnesses are people who know when a man is violating children and refuse to report it to the authorities.  Judicial Committees make the victim recount it in detail before the very person who abused them, then they refuse to believe the child, because there were not two witnesses to the crime.  There are a lot of victims out there.

Think about this when you open your door to one: ONE or MORE of the people on your doorstep could BE an admitted spousal abuser, a person who let their child die, a person who abused a child over and over for years and ADMITTED it, but is still allowed to teach you about God.  

I left out ALL suicide victims. Those who committed suicide after parents shunned them, after children shunned them, after spouses left with their kids and kept their kids from them, from those who were sexually abused as adults and/or as children, and anyone who could not face their lives, after being kicked out of this controlling, manipulative organization and have lost family, friends, jobs and homes.  Those people who committed suicide are people, who lost the rights to see their own children or whose children were taught they were going to die and that they could never have a relationship with them.  They are those whose elderly parents died without having any knowledge about their own children and grandchildren.  Suicide from ANY and all of these treatments are also victims.
So July 26, 2014, is the day that we, the survivors, Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, remember those who died and honor those who suffer and remain ensnared in the Watchtower Society's stranglehold of fear, intimidation and abuse.