Friday, August 22, 2014

Open Letter to My Parents by Autumn Riley Arnold

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just wanted to let you know, "you were right in everything!"  Remember when I was eight years old and we were all standing in the kitchen and Dad was telling me I shouldn't complain about going to the meetings or out in service and how I should listen to the Watchtower Society in everything?  Remember that?  Well, do you also remember him telling me that if I don't do all those things Jehovah is going to kill me at Armageddon?  That you both will be in the new system, but I won't be?  But not to worry, eight-year-old Autumn, because "Jehovah will remove all memory of you from our heads", you said, " it will be like you never even existed." 

So you see, you really *were* right in everything!  I *am* dead to you.  Your Jehovah (the Watchtower Society) has removed me from your life.

The New System has come right on time!  Because mom is still happy as ever as an alcoholic and dad is still happy as ever as the leader of a cult!  A mother and a father of a child putting an organization ahead of their own children, equating the Watchtower Society with God!  Shameful!

Thanks for everything, Mom and Dad.  You really know how to raise a child.  I hear you only speak to one out of the six children you have!  What shining examples of "God's chosen people" you are!  And you know what's funny is that you honestly believe that it is your children's fault that you don't have a relationship with them!

You always said when I was younger that you had to keep moving, because your children "shamed your name."  How delusional and utterly laughable!  You had to move because you are both complete and absolute *failures* as parents.  And deep down, I think you know that's true.  

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I thought long and hard about what kind of a letter to send you.  A sweet, loving letter to try and touch your heart so that maybe you'll start talking to me again or one that speaks the truth.  I went with the latter obviously, because trying to touch the heart and talk sense into a couple of brainwashed cult members would be as futile as administering medicine to the dead.

The reason this letter is so angry is because I've realized that if you could treat me like I'm dead because I left the religion you raised me in, then you really never loved me in the first place.  I know this now and have accepted it.  The question is, can *you* sleep at night knowing the pain you've caused your own child?  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Mom, continue making Jehovah's heart happy by ignoring your daughter who's STILL ALIVE and by drowning in those Rusty Nails cocktails every night.

Dad, Jehovah doesn't even come into this when it comes to you.  Continue wasting your life serving a group of rich, old men in Crooklyn New York named the almighty Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society and keep waiting for a day that will never. ever. come.