Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Annie White's Father Committed Suicide

My father had bipolar disorder and really struggled with life, both mentally and emotionally.  He also struggled off and on with smoking.  In 1996, he went to the elders himself and confessed his smoking problem to them.  They disfellowshipped him publicly.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
When my father told his best friend, who was an elder in another congregation, his friend
became very angry and went to see the elders in my father's congregation and told them what they did was wrong, because if a person comes to them and asks for help, they should help that person, not disfellowship them.

I was thirteen years old, at the time and did not know what was going on, but I remember my father being torn up about the way they treated him.  It is really sad how they acted.  I cannot stand them.  I wish I could have helped my father more, but by the time I was age fifteen years, he was gone. They could have done more, but they isolated him, because he went to them for help.  He took his own life in 1998.

I feel bad for what my father went thru before he died.  The sad thing to me is that I know other people have gone thru the same things and people continue to go through this and that infuriates me to no end.  My mother is still a Jehovah's Witness and I get frustrated that she does not see the bullshit.  Sometimes, I wonder how she can be so blind.

My father was failed so utterly by those he thought were his "friends."  It is clear that they just wanted to distance themselves from any appearance of sin.  They were more concerned with not getting in trouble because they knew of his smoking so they, in true mind-controlled/ Gestapo style, turned him in so they could be cleared of any "wrongdoing."  My poor father really needed love and help, but he was betrayed, because cult members could not be selfless and show true love to someone begging for help. 

My father was also schizophrenic, as well as having bipolar disorder, II.  What is strange is that people with mental illnesses often seem easily drawn into these cult-like groups, maybe to feel loved and accepted, since the initiation involves the seductive "love-bombing."  In these cases, I believe they are being taken advantage of.

I do not feel bad about it for myself.  I feel bad for others that went through it or are going through it, the ones who struggle mentally and have no relief from that emptiness.  If the elders only sit in judgment of the living, instead of helping those who need help, what is the point of anything the elders do?  They are useless and the things they do are pointless and hurtful.