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Sex Abuse Cases Against the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses will claim all of these are untrue articles, not based on facts.  However, by the same token, if the words "Jehovah's Witness" were replaced with "Catholic" or any other religious denomination, they would declare them to be true.

Vermont - Victims Blast Jehovah's Witnesses in Abuse Trial 

No Support For My Family - Vermont Sisters File Lawsuit Against Ex-Ministerial Servant and Watchtower Society For Abuse

Branford Attorney Takes on Sexual Abuse Case of Children Against Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society

Latest Sex Abuse Lawsuits Target Jehovah's Witnesses 

Attorneys say religious doctrine barred reports of abuse

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Bombshell Lawsuits Allege 'Insidious Child Sex Abuse Epidemic' and Decades of Whitewashing Inside Secretive Confines of Jehovah's Witness's Church

Second Victim of Jailed Church Elder Speaks Out

Jehovah's Witness Leader Guilty of Rape and 7 Other Indecent Assaults

UK - Jehovah's Witness Predator Convicted - SNAP Responds 

Active Jehovah's Witness Pensioner Jailed for Sex Assault on 12-year-old Crawley girl he met through Jehovah's Witness church

Jail for Jehovah’s Witness elder who molested girls 

Secret Database Protects Paedophiles

Hazel Dell Woman Files Child Sex Abuse Suit Against Jehovah's Witnesses

Secret Watchtower Pedophile Letter Made Public  The current Jehovah's Witnesses official child abuse handling procedure letter to all bodies of elders (October 1, 2012) has been placed into public domain by the Australian (Victoria) government "Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious Oganizations".  Official government web site link to letter: Short link: This means that anyone, anywhere around the world is free to republish and distribute the letter as long as they quote the source.-by Steven Unthank of JW Leaks


(In other words, he's actually guilty, but court will dismiss case, because it happened so many years ago.  Too bad that his victims can't dismiss his actions from their memories.)

Candace Conti Awarded $28M In Jehovah's Witness Sex Abuse Case

Jehovah's Witnesses News: Court Cases, Conflicts, and More

Convicted pedophile was allowed to interrogate his victims at Jehovah's Witness meeting after they wanted him barred from the church

Charity Commission investigates Jehovah's Witness congregation in relation to indecent assault case

Finnish TV interviews UUT before JW leaders meet with Minister of Justice 

And I quote:"JW Reporter has been advised that the Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior in Finland have been sent a lot of mail/emails by people wanting to share personal experiences of “sexual crimes” that were investigated by Judicial Committees. We have also been told that a more detailed “investigation” is going to be undertaken."

ALERT: Just Leaked from Watchtower Society Branch Office

(Posted July 23, 2014)  Regarding the above link:  This is how the Governing Body absolves themselves from responsibility for their dictated "changes" in the secret Elders' Handbook (Shepherding Book). The letter (link above) also means that the Watchtower Society will also not be held responsible financially for the pain and suffering of victims of sexual predators sued after this edict goes into affect.  Given that the congregations now only have a maximum of $5,000, then no entity is going to be hurt financially.  The Governing body is not only protecting themselves from criminal charges, but also protecting their money.  Personally, I hope the CO's and the BOE's all have good liability insurance, because it appears as if they are going to need it, if they don't refuse to follow the edicts of the Governing body, and do right by the victims and help bring criminal charges against the predators.

EXCERPT: "In chapter 3, paragraph 23, cross out the existing sentences in the last bullet point.
In chapter 3, in the subheading preceding paragraph 25, cross out the words “Branch Office” and replace them with the words “Circuit Overseer.”
In chapter 3, paragraph 25, in the first sentence, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.”
In chapter 3, paragraph 25, in the penultimate sentence of the first bullet point, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.”
In chapter 3, paragraph 25, second bullet point, at the end of the third sentence, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.” Cross out the sentence “If he disagrees, he may submit a letter along with the elders’ letter of explanation, stating why he does not accept the recommendation.” Write in the margin the following: “See letter dated July 13, 2014.”

Confidential News From Spain 

Attention: All Elders in Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses!!!

Sex Scandal Among Jehovah's Witnesses  

{The above link is to the article about William (Bill) H. Bowen (The Day the Lambs Roared!)}



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Helge Knut Knew When to Leave

I was a Jehovah's Witness for one year, and I was already marked.  Every Sunday, I went to the Kingdom Hall (church).  Every Thursday, I went to the Kingdom Hall.  Every Wednesday and Friday there were meeting at the Kingdom Hall, which I attended.  There was bible study.  Then Tuesdays and Mondays, more bible study.  I only had Saturdays on which I was not bothered by them, because they were on their door-knocking job, preaching in field service.  

One day in the Kingdom Hall, there was a lady dying of cancer.  That's when I noticed everyone beginning to change from nice to depressed and depressive.  Everyone seemed to think Satan was after them, and they were always weeping and sobbing and praying, but nothing changed.  It only got worse. 

I was getting depressed with all that.  I started making excuses not to go.  I would say that I was ill, busy, no answer, homework, etc.  One day, the guy that was doing the bible studies with me at the Kingdom Hall asked me why I was doing that.  I said, "I want my life back as it used to be."  I told them I was gay. They called me "The Devil within their walls."  I began crying and I left.  I told them I would always hold a grudge against them for what they said to me.  Christ would not disrespect his father's creations.  Only a mean Jehovah's Witnesses would.  

They came to see me one last time on a Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M.  I sleep until 11:00 A.M., so you all know what my mood was.  Naked, I answered the door with a piercing stare, one of those stares that just seems to say everything in a glance.  They knew I hated them now.  Just writing this brings back emotions.  Anyway, I stared at them and they asked me if it was a bad time to talk to me.  I just looked at them and slammed the door.  They never came back.

Jennifer Adderly's Life Was in Danger

My mother became a Jehovah's Witness when I was about five years old and my dad followed her example by the time I was about fourteen years of age.  All of a sudden, there was no more Christmas, no more birthday celebrations, no Thanksgiving, no Easter....
Contributed by Noel Parsons
When I was sixteen years old, my brother, sister, and I were all baptized.  It was the biggest mistake of my life, but I was being told that I would be looked down upon if I did not, so I did.  I just never wanted any part of the religion ever.  I hated going door to door (preaching in field service) and I never told my school friends, because I was so embarrassed!  Not to mention that my parents suddenly no longer allowed me to associate with my school friends, which was terrible!  Having no other choice, I went along with it.   
I married at twenty-one years of age to another Jehovah's Witness.  What I was thinking becoming married would do for me, I do not know, but since everyone around us was being married, once again, I went along with it.  
It was not a happy marriage for long.  My husband became a Ministerial Servant and, from the outside, things looked fine.  On the inside, there was terrible mental and physical abuse.  I became "inactive" and was told daily what an embarrassment I was.  At that point, I went on a mission to get disfellowshipped!  I tried everything.... smoking, heavily drinking, going out with work friends, not coming home, my husband reported all of this to the Elders, and there were countless Judicial Committee meetings, regarding my activities, but nothing worked.  They actually made my husband step down as a Ministerial Servant.  Too bad! 
I began working at a bar (saloon) and met someone and we began dating.  When my husband found out, he and my father followed me for a night and reported me.  Nice, right?  I received a call from an Elder to please show up for a Judicial Committee meeting about this matter.  Personally, I did not see the point.  I had left my husband and knew I was not sorry.  I saw no point in my taking off from work to go, so they disfellowshipped me over the phone.  I did not even listen to the whole message.  My husband and I were divorced and six weeks later, my now ex-husband was remarried.  Obviously, he was also cheating on me, but no one seemed to notice that.  My whole family went to his wedding.  What a betrayal!
Six years later, I met my current boyfriend.  I was enjoying a wonderful life, although I had no contact with my family.  My life was great, but I still missed my family.  That was until November, 2013.  I came down with what I thought was the flu.  I stayed in bed, beginning on Thursday, and by Sunday, I had a 105 degree fever and was hallucinating.  I was rushed to the emergency room.  

My boyfriend called my parents, whom he had never met, to tell them.  What a mistake!  My parents came in and stopped all procedures being done, since they do not believe in taking blood.  Apparently, at sixteen years of age, I had signed a power of attorney and a blood card and, since they were my relatives, they could call the shots.  Unfortunately, my boyfriend was blindsided, I had never told him that Jehovah's Witnesses do not take blood! 

I was at this point in a coma, so instead of getting blood to help to even find out what was wrong, they had me on some silly medicines that did nothing.  I was dying and my parents were fine with it.  For that, I will never forgive them.  Thank God for my amazing boyfriend, they thought he was going to take those news laying down and he didn't.  He promptly got a lawyer, who specializes in this particular issue and was ready to take my parents to court.  

Then I woke up.  I could not speak, but with my boyfriend's help and the help of the doctors (who were on our side), they asked questions and I squeezed their hands, once for yes, twice for no.  They asked if I wanted blood, was I a Jehovah's Witness and did I understand what was happening.  I did.  I was rushed to surgery.  I had toxic shock syndrome, meningitis, and all my organs were shutting down.  Thankfully, I received the blood transfusion which I needed.  Eight surgeries and two months later, I went home.  

When I woke up and was told what my parents had done, I was beyond horrified.  A religion is more important than my life?  I was no longer a Jehovah's Witness and they did this anyway?  I was in shock.  My boyfriend also drew up a new power of attorney (POA), which stated everything my parents' POA for me had in it.  My friend, who is a notary, and two other friends rushed to the hospital and we signed and got the document legalized.  What a relief!  

Things are stable now.  I still need one more surgery, but I just have to wonder... 'What if I could have had surgery that day, instead of ten days later, because my parents were blocking treatment?  What they did is unforgivable to me.  They not only almost killed me over their stupid beliefs, they treated the man I love, who was trying to save my life, terribly.  They were so rude, yelling at him, trying to talk to doctors behind his back... They were horrible.  The friends I made, after I left the Watchtower Society, were all there, my parents and sister kicked my friends out and told them it was their fault that I was ill, because they corrupted me.  As if someone can give you toxic shock syndrome!  All of my friends wanted to wait for my sister in the parking lot and beat her up!

It has been a long road and still is not over.  Thankfully, I have an amazing man by my side, who protects me and his family is my family.  They have made me realize that family is not about blood relations and I love them dearly!  Leaving that cult was the best decision I have ever made and I have never turned back!

Daniel Mendoza One-Each Makes a 180 Degree Turn

I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness until I was eighteen years old.  I was baptized when I was eleven years of age and I was into their religion hardcore.  I would sign up to be an Auxiliary Pioneer (part time preacher) every chance I had, because I was taught that I was saving others.  I was on my way to becoming a ministerial servant at a very young age.  I would give talks, presentations, and other things like that onstage in the Kingdom Hall, in front of the congregation.  
One day, I took a step back and asked myself, "What are you doing with your life?  You literally just gave a talk on how to turn down a college scholarship and to make it a goal to work at Bethel and publish Watchtower Society books for the rest of your life." 
I truly was not in agreement with that, so I began questioning and doing my own research.  The more I questioned, the more the Elders had their eyes on me.  It got to the point where they would not schedule me for anymore talks or for anything else.  
Then a false accusation was made against me, so I decided I was done dealing with Watchtower Society crap and I left.  Upon doing more research on the religion, I can't believe I was part of something like that for so long!  It's crazy!

Terri Riggs-Jones, Never a Jehovah's Witness, Never Will Be

Growing up, we were always aware of the Jehovah's Witnesses.  As I grew older, I realized that my mother used to have a lady that came to the house once a week for a bible study.  This was a lady and her husband that my mother had met when she lived in Indiana, long before I was born.  They moved to Ohio around the same time so they continued having their bible study.  We were never forced to sit in on that as children.  This continued throughout my childhood.  

My father was a long haul truck driver and was never at home when they had their bible study.  From what I could tell, he never approved of the study, but never prevented my mother from doing it.  Once a year, my mother did makes us go to the "memorial services."  I never really understood that, but we had to attend.  Later in our life, as my siblings and I grew up, some of our brothers were sucked into this "religion," and one half-sister, as well. 

I remember hanging out with my niece and nephew, riding bikes and such, long before I even had my driver's license.  They hung out with a boy that I had a little crush on.  We were young and would all just hang outside having fun.  He would even let me drive his dirt bike, which was such a blast.  I met his older brother when I was about fifteen years old.  He was quite a bit older then me and could drive.  Come to find out, these were the children of one of the top elders at the Kingdom Hall and my mother knew them well.  This was long before she was baptized or even before she attended the meetings.  

When my crush turned to the older brother, my mother let me go out on a date with him, even though I was only fifteen years old.  In my family there was rule.  You don't date until your sixteen years old.  My mother broke that rule for me, because he was a Jehovah's Witness, and she felt it was safe to let me go out with him.  

Our first date was a drive-in movie.  He picked me up at the house and sat and talked with my mother for a bit and off we went.  When we got to the drive-in and got the truck parked, he raised the seat forward and the whole section behind the seat was full of beer.  Needless to say, he got trashed and I had to drive the truck home, even though I was not old enough to drive.  For a few months, we hung out together and dated a few times.  

One time, he had his brother and his friends in the back of the truck and I was inside the truck.  They all got very drunk.  I called my sister and told her I was taking the truck back to his house and asked if she would pick me up there.  She met me there, probably about 1:00 A.M.  When I pulled the truck full of people into his driveway, his mother was standing outside waiting for them.  She started screaming at me, calling me a f*cking bitch, a whore, a home wrecker, etc.  Now mind you, she was an elder's wife.  She said that her sons were fighting over me all the time and she did not want me around.  So I responded to her insults {in not such a nice way} and left with my sister.
In essence, Terri's words to the boy's mother.
For some reason, I really liked this guy.  I even attended a few meetings, thinking that might help them like me.  I guess I was just trying to get their approval. That would never happen.  Just after my sixteenth birthday, I stopped seeing him.  I would see them all for several years, when I would go to the memorial services with my mother once a year.  The boy's mother would walk by me and would whisper horrible names at me.  My mother never believed me when I would tell her.  These people were Saints in her eyes.  After I married I stopped going to those services.  I didn't believe in it, so why should I go?

My mother didn't get baptized until immediately before my first child was born when I was twenty years old. We had Christmas and all the holiday's until the year I turned age twenty.  I remember us having the most awesome Christmas.  It was always a gathering of family and making cookies and fudge for a week before. It devastated me when I thought that my children would never get to experience the holidays like I had growing up.  I always felt they would miss out on so much.   I believe my brothers got baptized first and then my half-sister and my mother.  Early on, my father was not baptized.  But I think he felt the pressure from my brothers to be baptized.  I felt he did it, just so they would all get along.

My other sister and I were pregnant at the same time.  I remember her having her baby first and her baby was stillborn.  My brother was a witness and came to the hospital and told my sister, "If you don't get baptized as a Jehovah's Witness, you will see your baby burn and there will be nothing you can do about it, but if you get baptized, you will see your baby again."  This is something you just do not say to someone whose child has just passed away.  If she were a weaker person, I feel she would have been sucked right into the Watchtower Society, because of the statement he made at that time.  She was not weak, but it did cause her mental pain for probably the rest of her life.  As my sister and I grew up and married we did not attend those "memorial services" anymore.  I just felt, "Why should I attend, if I don't believe in that religion?'  It upset our mother but I think she understood.  

For the most part, our family became separated due to this "religion."  They avoided us and we avoided them unless there was a family gathering.  I stayed extremely close to my parents.  I am the baby of the family and feel no one will break that bond.

When my second child was born and I was exhausted from being up all night, the Jehovah's Witnesses kept pounding on my door.  At first, I thought it was because they knew me and wanted to see the new baby, but over a few days, I finally figured out what was going on.  I asked my mother not to tell them where I lived anymore.  That never worked.  They would always find out.  I guess they figured that I was one of the few children in our family that wasn't a Jehovah's Witness yet and they thought they were going to fix that.

My mother was not the type to shove things down my throat, but my siblings weren't like that.  They would give it their best shot.  Even to the point of basically threatening horrible things would happen to my children. When my sister finally had another child, after the one that was stillborn, my mother took care of that child when my sister would work.  My mother ended up raising that child, for the most part.  When she would go "out in service" (field ministry) she would take my very young niece with her.  I would beg her not to because we knew the stories of Witnesses being shot at and so forth, but she always took her.  This used to scare me to death.

When I was room mother at my children's school, throughout my children's school years, I would know right away which of their classmates were Jehovah's Witnesses.  It was horrible to see their little faces when their mothers would come in to get them around the holidays, when all the classes were doing holiday projects.  I remember one that stood out.  A little girl had made a paper pumpkin for Halloween and she was so proud of it.  When her mother came in she jerked the paper out of her hand and threw it on the desk and yelled at this tiny little girl, "We don't do things like that, it's ugly."  The poor little girl was in tears.  It broke my heart. These people don't care what they put their children through when they do this.

At Christmas time, we always put our tree up.  My mother would come over and tell me that there were demons in my Christmas Balls that were hanging on the tree.  I would always just laugh.  She stopped coming over, when my tree would be up.  At birthdays, she would always buy something either the week before or the week after.  It was never wrapped like a present, but we all knew what it was for.  I guess it was her way of showing us she never forgot those times.  My mother was my best friend.  I lost a big piece of her the final many years of her life to the Witnesses.  The closeness I missed the most was with my mother. I was no longer included in family trips, etc.  It was just for the family that were baptized Jehovah's Witnesses.  Both of my brothers were baptized.  

Then came the time my mother was ill with cancer.  I found out that my niece, who had also been sucked into this group, was taking my mother to all of her treatments for cancer.  I was furious.  That is my job.  I was her daughter!  I also discovered that certain family members did not want me doing it, because I was not a Jehovah's Witness.  That was short-lived.  I am a very bold person and do not take kindly to being treated like that, so I ended up taking my mother for all of her doctor visits and treatments and was with her until the end.  They tried extremely hard to force me out, but that did not work.  When my mother was in Hospice toward the end of her life, we were all there.  Though they made sure certain ones were in the room when I was.  I guess to supervise what was being said between me and my mother. 

When my mother was in Hospice she made the decision to be cremated instead of being buried, which made no sense to me because she and my father already had burial plots bought and paid for since I was in high school.  She said it was so I didn't spend all my time at a grave site, which only contained her body.  She told me that her body would be there, but her soul would not, and she didn't want me hanging out there, which I would have done, but I feel the Jehovah's Witnesses had a hand in that decision.

During my mother's final hours, a SWARM of Jehovah's Witnesses came in with briefcases.  Many I had never met before. They would spend hours whispering in my mother's ear.  I had no idea what was being said.  The night before she died, I leaned down and kissed her and told her that I loved her.  When she went to kiss my father, she looked him in the face and said, "I will see you again.  I love you."  That is when I knew for a fact that she realized that everything she had been taught or forced to believe by the Jehovah's Witnesses was finally shown to her to be wrong.  She had always told us that the only way she would see us again was if we became Jehovah's Witnesses and went to paradise.  It was something I needed to hear before she passed.  I always felt the witnesses stole so much time away from me and my mother.  It's heartbreaking!

The day after my mother passed away, Jehovah's Witnesses were sending cards and flowers, which I thought was a nice gesture. But over the next few days, they began to arrive at my house with the flowers.  The first few times, they were just talking about how wonderful my mother was, and she really was a wonderful person and my best friend until the day she died.  She always will be.  In the days following her death, I began to realize what they were doing.  Jehovah's Witnesses will find a person at the lowest point in their life, such as my mother's death, and swoop in to make promises of seeing my mother again, so they could seduce me into becoming involved with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  That was not going to happen and they found that out real quick.  I resented them taking the last several years of mother away from me and was NEVER going to be a part of that.  

My mother's memorial service was at the Kingdom Hall.  When I found this out while she was alive, I told her that I did not want to go into the Kingdom Hall.  She told me it would be fine for me not to attend her service, if I was not comfortable and that she understood.  I had already decided not to go, but when my family found out, they blew my phone up telling me what a horrible person I was for not planning on going  and how my father was just sick about me not planning to attend.  So I made the choice, against my better judgement, to attend.  I did not sit with the family.  I was not and never felt a part of that family that was in that religion.  So my family sat in the middle of the Kingdom Hall, along with some others that chose to come just for me and my family, and I was treated like an outcast, which was the reason I did not want to go, in the first place.  It was a horrible experience for me.  The ones that spoke to me were Jehovah's Witnesses and basically, they only wanted to preach to me.  I told my girls to grab the handles on my purse and do not let go, and I headed for the back and out the door.

Right before my mother passed away, she had asked me if I would take care of my father, because I was the only one out of six siblings that he got along with.  I agreed and told her he was my father and that I would see to it he was taken care of.  That started a whole chapter of "crazy" in my life.  

My father was, at that point, a baptized Jehovah's Witness.  He had many health problems that he had to deal with, as well as me dealing with them.  I think this is where the Jehovah's Witnesses felt they might have more control. They found out different.  Now I have never been a Jehovah's Witness and never will be, so I could not be disfellowshipped or shunned.  Jehovah's Witnesses believe that if you are baptized, their kind outnumbers the rest of us, and to them, they feel it gives them a special kind of control.

Just months after my mother had passed away, my father was rushed to the hospital.  I got a call from my sister.  By the time I got to the hospital and walked through the doors, all I could see where men in suits with briefcases out in the waiting room speaking with my sister.  

I went back into the Emergency Room (ER) and found my father.  He was in horrible pain.  The doctors informed me that he was losing some blood.  They had not found the source yet, but I was told that if he lost much more blood, he would need a transfusion.  I knew this would be a problem, so when that time came, I begged my father to take the blood, but he refused.  The doctors discovered that he had a bleeding ulcer and needed emergency surgery.  At that point, due to the doctors diagnosing what was wrong with him, they were able to give him something for pain.  So I was standing there when they came around with a needle on a metal tray.  I heard a loud deep man's voice behind me say, " What is in that?"  I turned around and did not recognize the man who was standing there with a briefcase.  I told him that it was none of his business, the ER was for family members only, that he was not family and to GET THE HELL OUT!

My half-sister, eighteen years older then me and not my father's biological child, although he raised her from the time she was about seven years old, lived two doors away from my father.   She worked full time, but I did not, so I took over the care of my father, when mom passed away, because that is what we are suppose to do.  And that is what my mother wanted.  He had to be run to doctors appointments almost daily, food taken care of, blood sugar checked, blood pressure checked, etc.  I had to be there at least three times a day to make sure everything was done.  In an emergency situation, I couldn't figure out why my sister was always the one there, but for a while, that is how it worked out.

At one point, someone tried to come over and see my dad and I had not arrived yet.  I got a phone call from this person, stating they could hear my father saying something, but the door was locked and they were worried.  I rushed over to find my father lying on the floor, holding the receiver to the phone in his hand.   He had been there for quite a while.  He was trying to call me.  I called for an ambulance and when the medics arrived, they wouldn't take him to the hospital, because he said he did not want to go.  The medics said he needed to go, but unless I had medical power of attorney there was nothing I could do.  Upon speaking to my sister, I ask her if a medical power of attorney existed and she said it did.  I told her I needed my name on that because I was with my father more than anyone else and I needed to be able to get him medical care if needed.  She informed me that my name would never be put on that because I was not a Jehovah's Witness. She said her name was on it as well as my niece's, who tried to take care of my mother throughout her illness because I wasn't a Jehovah's Witness.

I discussed this whole ordeal with my father.  He stated my name needed to be on that.  You can probably figure out what happened next.  I came home, got on my computer and printed out a medical power of attorney.  I went back to my father's house and we went line by line and put everything in there that my father wanted.  Now I am not a believer in their feelings about refusing blood, but my father was, so it was included in his medical power of attorney.  I took him to an attorneys office and had it notorized.  I even put my sister's name on there, below mine.  I, in no way, wanted any control of finances.  I did not want them to be able to come at me and say I did something wrong with his money, so I left my legal involvement as medical power of attorney only.

Needless to say, the shit hit the fan when my half-sister came home later and found the copy I left for her. She was furious, and in true Christian {sarcasm} fashion she called and left me notes all over my father's house stating she would take him out to eat and that was it.  She would not be a part of any of his care. Now, mind you, she was NEVER a part of his care.  It was all about the control.  She told me I would never uphold the blood issue, because I was not a Jehovah's Witness.  As bad as I hated the blood issue, it was what my father, for some reason, believed in.  I would have to respect his wishes.

My father had to have open heart surgery after that, and of course, refused to take blood, so I gave him shots three times a day to build his blood count up, so he could have surgery.  I tried to be respectful, even though I have no clue why, when Jehovah's Witnesses would come and see my father, while he was in the hospital.  My father enjoyed seeing them, so as long as they stayed out of my family business, there would not be a problem.  His surgery went off with out a hitch and without blood, which shocked me!  Thankfully, the outcome was great.

During the four years after my father's surgeries, there were many struggles with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  Then randomly, out of the blue, I found my father had been admitted to a nursing home.  This was an overnight occurrence.  One day he was at home, and the next day, he was in a nursing home.  I should not have put my half-sister's name on that medical power of attorney, after all.

I spent my father's last year of life trying to get him out of there and fighting with Jehovah's Witnesses because of their control over him.  A year after he was admitted into that nursing home, my father passed away.  The elders at the Kingdom Hall were calling me and talking about my father, trying to find snippets of my fathers life to use in their memorial service for him.  I would talk to them about my father, but not about the religion.  I had a feeling where it was going to go anyway.  

At my fathers memorial service, the elder spoke of my father and how, as his youngest daughter, I had taken care of him and that my father used to say that he would have been lost without me.  There were about ten to fifteen minutes devoted to my father, however the next two hours were entirely dedicated to a sermon about the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses.  It was sad.   After the service, the same elder that performed that service came to speak to me.  He told me how much my dad talked about me and loved me, which was something I did not need him to tell me.  Then came the comment I was waiting for, "You know Terri, if you become a Witness you will be able to see your mom and dad again.  If you do not you will never see them!"  BOOM!!! Like I said, they swoop in when you are at your weakest.  I had said goodbye to my mother and my father. How much lower was I?  I looked this man straight in the face and said, "Go to hell."  I told him that both of my best friends were gone and I better never see any of them again.  It was a sealed deal.  I told him that I only put up with their shit, because that is what my father wanted, but it was over.  I told my half-sister and the rest of my family, with the exception of my sister who was not a Jehovah's Witness, to stay away from me, stay away from my family.

My oldest brother was disfellowshipped often.  His version of being a baptized Jehovah's Witness was when it could benefit him.   He was the one, with whom I always had a problem.  He lives in another state and when he would come into town to visit, I would meet him at a friend's house.  One day when I walked in, he was sitting there smoking marijuana with his friends.  Now mind you, we were older.  This was about fifteen years ago and I am a grandmother of two now.  In one second, he would be doing that, but yet he had told my sister those horrible things when her baby died.  The other brother was and still is an elder at one of the Kingdom Halls, so I guess you could say that the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses has been a big part of my life for many years.

Since the passing of both of my parents and my one sister, who was not a Jehovah's Witness, I have cut all ties to the family.  It was something I felt I needed to do for my peace of mind and happiness.  Do I miss them?  Sure I do, but I miss the way they used to be before Jehovah's Witnesses came into our life, not the way they are now.  I have seen my half-sister in the grocery store.  She has spoken and I have walked right by.  I don't need that in my life.  I cannot be happy, where they are involved.  In my opinion, when Jehovah's Witnesses are involved, my life is full of drama.  I cannot have that.  So it was a choice I had to make and one I DO NOT regret.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Links to Ex-Jehovah's Witness Websites with Verified Information

Want to know where to find the concrete evidence against the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses?  Here's a few links to get you started:

Mike and Kim - Exposing Watchtower Society One Brick at a Time

Watchtower Society Takes in $2 Million Dollar Loan and Won't Return the Loan; Is it True? 

30 Years Leading the Fight Against the Watchtower Society's Child Custody Atrocities  (for former or Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses with child custody issues)  

Facts About Jehovah's Witnesses

Official Website of Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood 

Watchtower Documents.Com

Watchers of the Watchtower World

Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses (AAWA)

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses Online

^^^ The above website includes "An Elder Shares His Honest Opinions"  (THAT should be an interesting read!)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Norgel Richardson's Personal Experiences With the Watchtower Society

Mind Control Inside the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses
This is the story of Norgel Richardson's personal experiences with the Watchtower Society written by Manazir Al Tabiiyah.  It provides an in-depth view of the indoctrination tactics used to recruit members, the changes in attitude after one is baptized, and the aftermath which results upon awakening.

The link to Norgel's story is provided here, so as not to invoke copyright infringement.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sashkya Arce's Disassociation Letter

I shall begin by saying that I speak from a place of love and truth. These words are addressed to the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

I was forced to grow up as a Jehovah’s Witness.  I wasn't given a choice as to how to view my reality.  You force fed your teachings to my parents, who, in turn, did the same to me.  My parents were psychologically beaten, if they even so much as questioned your authority.  As a consequence, I was physically beaten, if I ever did the same.  In that sense, we were all spiritually violated, because we had to accept your ideology without question.  That's coercion, intimidation and spiritual rape.  As a result of coercion, I was baptized in 1989. 

Eight years later, I was disfellowshipped for what you teach are “immoral acts.”  It took the elders fifteen minutes to decide my fate.  Afterwards, I was shunned and viewed as dead by your organization, simply for being a lesbian.  As a result, I have not been able to say “Hello” to friends I’ve known since childhood.  

Sirs, I am alive and well, thank you!  While that experience was traumatizing, I have grown immensely.  I can now see truth without the Watchtower Society screen, through which you force your followers to view the world.  I have immersed myself in objective books dealing with organizations like yours, hence, I realize that your organization is a mind-control cult.  I also realize that you treat those of us who have left as “dead,” because what we learn can be potentially threatening to your status quo.  These realizations are what compels me to write this dissociation letter to you now, seventeen years later. 

The word "cult" is not an ad hominem attack and you know it.  I use the word "cult" as a noun, containing certain characteristics.  A cult is a system of religious worship, an object of devotion, and an extremist sect.  Cults use many techniques that your organization practices.  One of those is that cults recognize a man or a group as having absolute authority.  Well, I’m here to question you, now that I no longer wear a Watchtower Society muzzle and shackles, figuratively speaking.  

You earthling men of the Governing Body, who gave you absolute authority?  Your own Watchtower magazine quotes indict your claims.
"An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure." - Steel Magnolias

What is the basis of your claim that an Almighty God gave you the right to be his mouthpiece?  

How are you earthling men of the Governing Body so different and special from the rest of humanity? 

How DARE you claim to speak in God's name!
Contributed by Noel Parsons
How could you even begin to assume that you know what God is thinking? You don't know. You presume to know.  Your secret little group of withering earthling men take a 2/3 majority vote to decide on what your God might be thinking.  As an angry, jealous God, it is not difficult to figure that he can be portrayed as a petty, mean, controlling entity.  The rest of the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses have to swallow your 2/3 vote, in other words, your guesses, as absolute truth. 

Most importantly, why will you not disclose the basis of your presumptuous claim that the Watchtower Society is God’s TRUE organization, to the millions who have followed you over the past century?  We, those of us who left, and those who are still indoctrinated have never been given a satisfactory answer, because there is none, except for the logical fallacies and mind games that you spew.

Cult leaders do not want their followers to think for themselves.  Growing up under the influence of the Watchtower Society, I was taught that asking questions is seen as an act of rebellion.  

Again, how do you justify such a claim?  

An even more direct question is, why do you give your Watchtower followers permission to criticize every other religion except their own?  

What are you hiding about the Watchtower Society, which necessitates that you and your followers attack those that question your authority, doctrines and practices, labeling them as “apostates?” 

I believe one of the answers is that the first Watchtower Society president and founder, C.T. Russell, based the Watchtower Society's doctrines on not much more than just his speculations regarding the interpretation of Biblical scriptures.  

Isn’t it true that what influenced Russell’s ideology were a mix of eclectic and occult teachings, like phrenology (since exposed as quackery), pyramidology and a ton of false prophecies, influenced by Adventism?  

What about the issue of Russell being buried near a Watchtower Society memorial pyramid filled with occult symbols?  Most of your rank and file members have no knowledge of this information, for if they did, they would flee in droves. 

Watchtower Society's Pyramid Memorial at Russell's Gravesite 

What does any of this have to do with Christ or Christ's teachings?  

How do you have the audacity to call yourselves the true religion?  What you are venerating is your own version of what God/Jehovah is and your own self- aggrandizement, via your claim to be the only mediator with authority between God and mankind now.  
Isn't your self-prognostication better defined as claim-jumping or usurping Christ's position?
The Governing Haughty's God could be even more impressive, if it did the "Richard Nixon Jowl Waggle."
I invite you to answer these questions in an objective manner for every person who has ever been involved with the Watchtower Society, but I cannot wait with bated breath for you to do so.  Thanks to the research I’ve done, again without the Watchtower Society filter, I no longer subscribe to Christianity.  I've learned that the idea of Christianity was started by the bloodthirsty Nero in 325 CE, solely for political control of the masses.  Nero’s brew of syncretic ideology, mixing Jesus Christ’s teachings with Paganism, converted millions of people under his dominion.  Today, your organization takes Nero’s idealogy to the next level of mind-control.  

Christ taught, "You shall know them by their fruits." 

You men of the Governing Body have grown an incredibly nasty tree with poisonous fruit, primarily producing paranoia and fear.  The rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses are spiritually empty, because the power your organization exercises over them is based on fear.  

How does this represent an all-loving God?  

Now is probably the time where you attack me for being gay and give scriptural reasons for your condemnation, on and on, ad infinitum.  Well, okay.  I am gay.  So what?  That attack is a logical fallacy called "Ad Hominem," which serves to distract from the questions I bring up that are based on facts.  As for being gay, I know that Divinity is Love.  I know that he would not judge or, for that matter, kill me for being lesbian.

Why do you earthling men not realize that both homosexuality and lesbianism occur as a natural order of things, put in place from the beginning, in order to prevent the eventual overpopulation of the earth, since this alleged anomaly occurs even in the animal kingdom?  These things were never condemned by God, nor by his son, according to the bible.  They have only always been condemned by earthling men....just like you. 

How could a loving God kill anyone who only expresses his/her love in a different way from your teachings?  My character has been assassinated by you men of the Watchtower Society's Governing Body.  You men are the very people who have committed deliberate psychological damage over such a “Great Crowd” of people.  You, “Governing Body,” the self-prognosticated mouthpiece of the All-loving God, have a lot to answer for.  

How do you justify the type of fear-mongering mind-control you have exercised with extreme prejudice for the past century over so many lives?  

You manipulate millions of people by isolating them from culture and giving them shallow identities within your group and calling their subjection to YOU...a privilege.  You dangle a "New World Order" carrot in front of your followers, so that they will peddle your propaganda worldwide.  I am well aware of this from spending, oh excuse me, WASTING my life and energy as a pack mule for your cult.  You have been deceiving your followers for over a century, because you were very good at keeping your secrets.  Congratulations.  I hope it makes you sleep well at night, knowing that people have DIED for your unfounded doctrines or, to be more candid, the lies and poison that you teach.  In other words, they have died for nothing. 

Meanwhile, for being an honest human being and for coming out with my status as a lesbian, I am shunned by childhood friends and family.  For what?  

Governing Body, the psychological, inhumane and criminal damages, which you have perpetrated, and for which you are responsible, have reached a breaking point....critical mass.  Those of us who have left your dying Society are no longer afraid of you.  

I take the liberty of speaking for all of us who have left your organization, gay and straight, by saying you are all scared little earthling men who are completely out of touch with reality, and that is all that you are.  You have kept too much secrecy and power for far too long.  Your sins have metaphorically reached up to the heavens.

The new converts who join your “true religion” are vulnerable to brainwashing.  Most, if not all, by their own admission, reach a low point emotionally where your doctrines seem to resonate with their aching souls’ search for meaning.  After falling prey to your seduction, they become part of a system where they no longer have freedom of thought.  They are drained of every ounce of humanity and slowly they realize that if they leave, it is at an extremely high cost.  This, again, is textbook mind- control cult behavior.  

I also question you men regarding the issue of untold tens of thousands of your followers, who have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused by Elders and other Jehovah's Witnesses in alleged "good standing."  

What are you little old earthling men doing to protect those victims?  Rather than protecting, you interrogate them, in essence re-traumatizing them.  The alleged perpetrators are protected by you, because you demand that the victims not go to the authorities for fear of “bringing reproach on Jehovah’s name.”   The objective truth is that Jehovah's Witnesses are required by you to promote obstruction of justice and an act of deliberate psychopathy.  

How do you justify your actions to the innocent victims of abuse, most of them children? 

May God, or whatever it is that's out there, forgive you for your arrogance, psychopathy and cruelty for ruining so many people’s lives on so many levels.  I cannot forgive you and honestly, I do not care to.  I DO care about the genuine, kind people still stuck inside your spiritual dungeon.  Like egg-sucking foxes in a hen house, you suck your followers dry.  They are completely SHATTERED.  

We, those of us who have left your organization, are strong, happy and GOOD people, regardless of how your Orwellian doublespeak defines us.  We have strength of character and now we have strength in numbers.  We who have survived your cult mind-control and are now on the outside say this directly to you: 

Governing Body and leaders of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Mind-Control Cult, we are ON TO YOU!  We know about your lies and manipulations and will no longer remain silent.  Your hour is over and it is just a matter of time, until you are all completely exposed.  Love creates, evil destroys.  The only thing evil creates is paranoia and fear. 

I affirm that these words are true before the ultimate presence of the Universe. 

Sashkya "Sassy" Arce  The Sassymundo Blogspot