Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Helge Knut Knew When to Leave

I was a Jehovah's Witness for one year, and I was already marked.  Every Sunday, I went to the Kingdom Hall (church).  Every Thursday, I went to the Kingdom Hall.  Every Wednesday and Friday there were meeting at the Kingdom Hall, which I attended.  There was bible study.  Then Tuesdays and Mondays, more bible study.  I only had Saturdays on which I was not bothered by them, because they were on their door-knocking job, preaching in field service.  

One day in the Kingdom Hall, there was a lady dying of cancer.  That's when I noticed everyone beginning to change from nice to depressed and depressive.  Everyone seemed to think Satan was after them, and they were always weeping and sobbing and praying, but nothing changed.  It only got worse. 

I was getting depressed with all that.  I started making excuses not to go.  I would say that I was ill, busy, no answer, homework, etc.  One day, the guy that was doing the bible studies with me at the Kingdom Hall asked me why I was doing that.  I said, "I want my life back as it used to be."  I told them I was gay. They called me "The Devil within their walls."  I began crying and I left.  I told them I would always hold a grudge against them for what they said to me.  Christ would not disrespect his father's creations.  Only a mean Jehovah's Witnesses would.  

They came to see me one last time on a Saturday morning at 8:00 A.M.  I sleep until 11:00 A.M., so you all know what my mood was.  Naked, I answered the door with a piercing stare, one of those stares that just seems to say everything in a glance.  They knew I hated them now.  Just writing this brings back emotions.  Anyway, I stared at them and they asked me if it was a bad time to talk to me.  I just looked at them and slammed the door.  They never came back.