Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sashkya Arce's Disassociation Letter

I shall begin by saying that I speak from a place of love and truth. These words are addressed to the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. 

I was forced to grow up as a Jehovah’s Witness.  I wasn't given a choice as to how to view my reality.  You force fed your teachings to my parents, who, in turn, did the same to me.  My parents were psychologically beaten, if they even so much as questioned your authority.  As a consequence, I was physically beaten, if I ever did the same.  In that sense, we were all spiritually violated, because we had to accept your ideology without question.  That's coercion, intimidation and spiritual rape.  As a result of coercion, I was baptized in 1989. 

Eight years later, I was disfellowshipped for what you teach are “immoral acts.”  It took the elders fifteen minutes to decide my fate.  Afterwards, I was shunned and viewed as dead by your organization, simply for being a lesbian.  As a result, I have not been able to say “Hello” to friends I’ve known since childhood.  

Sirs, I am alive and well, thank you!  While that experience was traumatizing, I have grown immensely.  I can now see truth without the Watchtower Society screen, through which you force your followers to view the world.  I have immersed myself in objective books dealing with organizations like yours, hence, I realize that your organization is a mind-control cult.  I also realize that you treat those of us who have left as “dead,” because what we learn can be potentially threatening to your status quo.  These realizations are what compels me to write this dissociation letter to you now, seventeen years later. 

The word "cult" is not an ad hominem attack and you know it.  I use the word "cult" as a noun, containing certain characteristics.  A cult is a system of religious worship, an object of devotion, and an extremist sect.  Cults use many techniques that your organization practices.  One of those is that cults recognize a man or a group as having absolute authority.  Well, I’m here to question you, now that I no longer wear a Watchtower Society muzzle and shackles, figuratively speaking.  

You earthling men of the Governing Body, who gave you absolute authority?  Your own Watchtower magazine quotes indict your claims.
"An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure." - Steel Magnolias

What is the basis of your claim that an Almighty God gave you the right to be his mouthpiece?  

How are you earthling men of the Governing Body so different and special from the rest of humanity? 

How DARE you claim to speak in God's name!
Contributed by Noel Parsons
How could you even begin to assume that you know what God is thinking? You don't know. You presume to know.  Your secret little group of withering earthling men take a 2/3 majority vote to decide on what your God might be thinking.  As an angry, jealous God, it is not difficult to figure that he can be portrayed as a petty, mean, controlling entity.  The rest of the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses have to swallow your 2/3 vote, in other words, your guesses, as absolute truth. 

Most importantly, why will you not disclose the basis of your presumptuous claim that the Watchtower Society is God’s TRUE organization, to the millions who have followed you over the past century?  We, those of us who left, and those who are still indoctrinated have never been given a satisfactory answer, because there is none, except for the logical fallacies and mind games that you spew.

Cult leaders do not want their followers to think for themselves.  Growing up under the influence of the Watchtower Society, I was taught that asking questions is seen as an act of rebellion.  

Again, how do you justify such a claim?  

An even more direct question is, why do you give your Watchtower followers permission to criticize every other religion except their own?  

What are you hiding about the Watchtower Society, which necessitates that you and your followers attack those that question your authority, doctrines and practices, labeling them as “apostates?” 

I believe one of the answers is that the first Watchtower Society president and founder, C.T. Russell, based the Watchtower Society's doctrines on not much more than just his speculations regarding the interpretation of Biblical scriptures.  

Isn’t it true that what influenced Russell’s ideology were a mix of eclectic and occult teachings, like phrenology (since exposed as quackery), pyramidology and a ton of false prophecies, influenced by Adventism?  

What about the issue of Russell being buried near a Watchtower Society memorial pyramid filled with occult symbols?  Most of your rank and file members have no knowledge of this information, for if they did, they would flee in droves. 

Watchtower Society's Pyramid Memorial at Russell's Gravesite 

What does any of this have to do with Christ or Christ's teachings?  

How do you have the audacity to call yourselves the true religion?  What you are venerating is your own version of what God/Jehovah is and your own self- aggrandizement, via your claim to be the only mediator with authority between God and mankind now.  
Isn't your self-prognostication better defined as claim-jumping or usurping Christ's position?
The Governing Haughty's God could be even more impressive, if it did the "Richard Nixon Jowl Waggle."
I invite you to answer these questions in an objective manner for every person who has ever been involved with the Watchtower Society, but I cannot wait with bated breath for you to do so.  Thanks to the research I’ve done, again without the Watchtower Society filter, I no longer subscribe to Christianity.  I've learned that the idea of Christianity was started by the bloodthirsty Nero in 325 CE, solely for political control of the masses.  Nero’s brew of syncretic ideology, mixing Jesus Christ’s teachings with Paganism, converted millions of people under his dominion.  Today, your organization takes Nero’s idealogy to the next level of mind-control.  

Christ taught, "You shall know them by their fruits." 

You men of the Governing Body have grown an incredibly nasty tree with poisonous fruit, primarily producing paranoia and fear.  The rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses are spiritually empty, because the power your organization exercises over them is based on fear.  

How does this represent an all-loving God?  

Now is probably the time where you attack me for being gay and give scriptural reasons for your condemnation, on and on, ad infinitum.  Well, okay.  I am gay.  So what?  That attack is a logical fallacy called "Ad Hominem," which serves to distract from the questions I bring up that are based on facts.  As for being gay, I know that Divinity is Love.  I know that he would not judge or, for that matter, kill me for being lesbian.

Why do you earthling men not realize that both homosexuality and lesbianism occur as a natural order of things, put in place from the beginning, in order to prevent the eventual overpopulation of the earth, since this alleged anomaly occurs even in the animal kingdom?  These things were never condemned by God, nor by his son, according to the bible.  They have only always been condemned by earthling men....just like you. 

How could a loving God kill anyone who only expresses his/her love in a different way from your teachings?  My character has been assassinated by you men of the Watchtower Society's Governing Body.  You men are the very people who have committed deliberate psychological damage over such a “Great Crowd” of people.  You, “Governing Body,” the self-prognosticated mouthpiece of the All-loving God, have a lot to answer for.  

How do you justify the type of fear-mongering mind-control you have exercised with extreme prejudice for the past century over so many lives?  

You manipulate millions of people by isolating them from culture and giving them shallow identities within your group and calling their subjection to YOU...a privilege.  You dangle a "New World Order" carrot in front of your followers, so that they will peddle your propaganda worldwide.  I am well aware of this from spending, oh excuse me, WASTING my life and energy as a pack mule for your cult.  You have been deceiving your followers for over a century, because you were very good at keeping your secrets.  Congratulations.  I hope it makes you sleep well at night, knowing that people have DIED for your unfounded doctrines or, to be more candid, the lies and poison that you teach.  In other words, they have died for nothing. 

Meanwhile, for being an honest human being and for coming out with my status as a lesbian, I am shunned by childhood friends and family.  For what?  

Governing Body, the psychological, inhumane and criminal damages, which you have perpetrated, and for which you are responsible, have reached a breaking point....critical mass.  Those of us who have left your dying Society are no longer afraid of you.  

I take the liberty of speaking for all of us who have left your organization, gay and straight, by saying you are all scared little earthling men who are completely out of touch with reality, and that is all that you are.  You have kept too much secrecy and power for far too long.  Your sins have metaphorically reached up to the heavens.

The new converts who join your “true religion” are vulnerable to brainwashing.  Most, if not all, by their own admission, reach a low point emotionally where your doctrines seem to resonate with their aching souls’ search for meaning.  After falling prey to your seduction, they become part of a system where they no longer have freedom of thought.  They are drained of every ounce of humanity and slowly they realize that if they leave, it is at an extremely high cost.  This, again, is textbook mind- control cult behavior.  

I also question you men regarding the issue of untold tens of thousands of your followers, who have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused by Elders and other Jehovah's Witnesses in alleged "good standing."  

What are you little old earthling men doing to protect those victims?  Rather than protecting, you interrogate them, in essence re-traumatizing them.  The alleged perpetrators are protected by you, because you demand that the victims not go to the authorities for fear of “bringing reproach on Jehovah’s name.”   The objective truth is that Jehovah's Witnesses are required by you to promote obstruction of justice and an act of deliberate psychopathy.  

How do you justify your actions to the innocent victims of abuse, most of them children? 

May God, or whatever it is that's out there, forgive you for your arrogance, psychopathy and cruelty for ruining so many people’s lives on so many levels.  I cannot forgive you and honestly, I do not care to.  I DO care about the genuine, kind people still stuck inside your spiritual dungeon.  Like egg-sucking foxes in a hen house, you suck your followers dry.  They are completely SHATTERED.  

We, those of us who have left your organization, are strong, happy and GOOD people, regardless of how your Orwellian doublespeak defines us.  We have strength of character and now we have strength in numbers.  We who have survived your cult mind-control and are now on the outside say this directly to you: 

Governing Body and leaders of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Mind-Control Cult, we are ON TO YOU!  We know about your lies and manipulations and will no longer remain silent.  Your hour is over and it is just a matter of time, until you are all completely exposed.  Love creates, evil destroys.  The only thing evil creates is paranoia and fear. 

I affirm that these words are true before the ultimate presence of the Universe. 

Sashkya "Sassy" Arce  The Sassymundo Blogspot