Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sex Abuse Cases Against the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses will claim all of these are untrue articles, not based on facts.  However, by the same token, if the words "Jehovah's Witness" were replaced with "Catholic" or any other religious denomination, they would declare them to be true.

Vermont - Victims Blast Jehovah's Witnesses in Abuse Trial 

No Support For My Family - Vermont Sisters File Lawsuit Against Ex-Ministerial Servant and Watchtower Society For Abuse

Branford Attorney Takes on Sexual Abuse Case of Children Against Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society

Latest Sex Abuse Lawsuits Target Jehovah's Witnesses 

Attorneys say religious doctrine barred reports of abuse

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Bombshell Lawsuits Allege 'Insidious Child Sex Abuse Epidemic' and Decades of Whitewashing Inside Secretive Confines of Jehovah's Witness's Church

Second Victim of Jailed Church Elder Speaks Out

Jehovah's Witness Leader Guilty of Rape and 7 Other Indecent Assaults

UK - Jehovah's Witness Predator Convicted - SNAP Responds 

Active Jehovah's Witness Pensioner Jailed for Sex Assault on 12-year-old Crawley girl he met through Jehovah's Witness church

Jail for Jehovah’s Witness elder who molested girls 

Secret Database Protects Paedophiles

Hazel Dell Woman Files Child Sex Abuse Suit Against Jehovah's Witnesses

Secret Watchtower Pedophile Letter Made Public  The current Jehovah's Witnesses official child abuse handling procedure letter to all bodies of elders (October 1, 2012) has been placed into public domain by the Australian (Victoria) government "Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious Oganizations".  Official government web site link to letter: Short link: This means that anyone, anywhere around the world is free to republish and distribute the letter as long as they quote the source.-by Steven Unthank of JW Leaks


(In other words, he's actually guilty, but court will dismiss case, because it happened so many years ago.  Too bad that his victims can't dismiss his actions from their memories.)

Candace Conti Awarded $28M In Jehovah's Witness Sex Abuse Case

Jehovah's Witnesses News: Court Cases, Conflicts, and More

Convicted pedophile was allowed to interrogate his victims at Jehovah's Witness meeting after they wanted him barred from the church

Charity Commission investigates Jehovah's Witness congregation in relation to indecent assault case

Finnish TV interviews UUT before JW leaders meet with Minister of Justice 

And I quote:"JW Reporter has been advised that the Minister of Justice and the Minister of the Interior in Finland have been sent a lot of mail/emails by people wanting to share personal experiences of “sexual crimes” that were investigated by Judicial Committees. We have also been told that a more detailed “investigation” is going to be undertaken."

ALERT: Just Leaked from Watchtower Society Branch Office

(Posted July 23, 2014)  Regarding the above link:  This is how the Governing Body absolves themselves from responsibility for their dictated "changes" in the secret Elders' Handbook (Shepherding Book). The letter (link above) also means that the Watchtower Society will also not be held responsible financially for the pain and suffering of victims of sexual predators sued after this edict goes into affect.  Given that the congregations now only have a maximum of $5,000, then no entity is going to be hurt financially.  The Governing body is not only protecting themselves from criminal charges, but also protecting their money.  Personally, I hope the CO's and the BOE's all have good liability insurance, because it appears as if they are going to need it, if they don't refuse to follow the edicts of the Governing body, and do right by the victims and help bring criminal charges against the predators.

EXCERPT: "In chapter 3, paragraph 23, cross out the existing sentences in the last bullet point.
In chapter 3, in the subheading preceding paragraph 25, cross out the words “Branch Office” and replace them with the words “Circuit Overseer.”
In chapter 3, paragraph 25, in the first sentence, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.”
In chapter 3, paragraph 25, in the penultimate sentence of the first bullet point, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.”
In chapter 3, paragraph 25, second bullet point, at the end of the third sentence, cross out the words “branch office” and replace them with the words “circuit overseer.” Cross out the sentence “If he disagrees, he may submit a letter along with the elders’ letter of explanation, stating why he does not accept the recommendation.” Write in the margin the following: “See letter dated July 13, 2014.”

Confidential News From Spain 

Attention: All Elders in Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses!!!

Sex Scandal Among Jehovah's Witnesses  

{The above link is to the article about William (Bill) H. Bowen (The Day the Lambs Roared!)}