Sunday, October 5, 2014

Douglas Metcaff Leaves Because of Watchtower Society Greed by Anne Marie DeSoto

I was in the McDonalds in Tewkesbury, Massachusetts this morning with my friends, on our way to the annual Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention in Pennsylvania, and I met a sweet man who was disabled...blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, missing a part of his right hand, barely walking with a cane. His name is Douglas Metcaff, and he used to be Jehovah's Witness.

Douglas told me why he left the Watchtower Organization...

Recently, the organization wrote a letter to all the congregations of the Watchtower, saying that their Kingdom Hall loans had been "forgiven," (good news, right?), but the catch was that the Watchtower now requested that each congregation speak to each member and ask how much money they could commit to "donating" each month, as Watchtower had said in their letter that they needed money, and asked each congregation, as a whole, to come up with a figure that they could commit to "donating" to them each month. I had heard of this but had not spoken with anyone about this development who was directly affected.

Douglas, obviously a poor man, said that he had been pressured by an elder to committing a "donation" to the Watchtower of $20 a week... A WEEK!!! I was shocked. I asked Douglas why he was being pressured to "donate" so much...especially since he only gets his Disability Check once a month. He said he'd asked the elder the same the thing. "Because the Watchtower needs the money," was the elders reply. Douglas said he felt betrayed and heartbroken as he was faithfully doing his best to serve Jehovah, and he was just getting by on what little income he had. He told me that this is why he left the Watchtower.

I told Douglas Metcaff that I was going to tell everyone what happened to him, and I asked for his full name and to share his information, which he agreed to. He told me he had belonged to the Tewksbury Congregation in Massachusetts.

Anyone who really knows the Watchtower knows how greedy they are about money...that they are a MUTI-BILLION-DOLLAR BUSINESS in the name of religion and yet they always seem to "need" more money from their members; that they benefit from the free, volunteer labor of hundreds of their members in the on going construction of their new facilities; that they "encourage" older members to leave their money and estates to them instead of to their families. I've heard tearful stories of families crying on the front lawn as the Watchtower lawyers moved in to take over the home before the dead JW family member's body is barely cold, allowing the family maybe twenty minutes to gather sentimental items, such as photos, etc., but that they are not allowed to take anything of value not specifically willed to them, the property then being quickly accessed and sold, the profits going to further fill Watchtower Coffers, and stories like this have occurred many times. Faithful followers of the Watchtower need to wake up to what the Watchtower really is all about.

I can't get sweet, humble Douglas Metcaff out of my mind, struggling to stand straight with his cane as I shook the hand that was crippled, and I swore to him that I was going to tell what had happened to him, and so I ask each of you to please just hit your "share" button so that others can know about Douglas Metcaff...a sweet, poor, and lonely little man who only wanted to serve God, but who painfully realized his real worth lay only in how much money he was willing to pledge to "donate" to the Watchtower each month. Now he is being SHUNNED as being "wicked" and "disloyal." I cannot, in good conscience, just let this one go.

So please hit the "share" button...hit for Douglas; hit it for all those who pay money every month to the Watchtower; hit it for those who cry on the front lawn as they watch the home they grew up in sold out from under them by the Watchtower; hit it in the name of justice...