Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When the 'Body Snatchers' Come Into Your Life...RUN! (If you can.)

I was forced into this Cult by my mother.  She was seduced by the Jehovah's Witnesses' "welcome" propaganda and began studying with them when I was only about six or seven years old.  All I knew, once we started going to their Kingdom Hall, was that I was spanked repeatedly for not being still and moving around in my chair, hard metal chairs.  Even at a young age, I knew something was not right about this religion and I gave my mother a hard time, so the spankings continued.  I hated going to meetings and especially, going out in field service or the (house-to-house) ministry, as they call it now.

Our family used to frequently visit with my cousins and we all celebrated the Holidays together.  That was taken from me.  I was not allowed to visit with my cousins any longer, because they were "worldly," (not Jehovah's Witnesses).  I loved my cousins and I was confused and then the Holidays were taken from me, as well.  I resented that, even as a child.  I could not understand why and my parents' explanation did not set well with me.  

I hate that Cult.  It's as if 'The Body Snatchers' had entered our lives and changed everything.  The members of that Cult have a "hive mind."  They destroyed my childhood, and all because a bunch of money-hungry, power-seeking assholes, namely the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society, were now dictating our lives.   I did not know this at the time.  I was taught that it was all Jehovah, so I thought something was wrong with me and I began doubting myself.  Still, I hated going to the meetings at the Kingdom Hall.

One night, I was in a lot of physical pain.  It was meeting night, and because of my pain, I did not want to go with them, but my parents insisted.  I was crying and could not understand why they would make me go, even when I did not feel well.  To please the Cult, my mother held my arms and hands down and my father slapped me across the face and they made me go to the meeting anyway.  I was humiliated, because my face was so swollen from crying in pain.  After that experience, at sixteen years of age, I was totally disillusioned with the religion and my parents.   They abused me in the name of the Watchtower Society's God, Jehovah.

At the age of nineteen or twenty years, I was disfellowshiped for falling in love with my High School Sweetheart.   I did not show remorse for making love to him.  What is more beautiful than love?  It was not just sex.  We were in love.  

After the Jehovah's Witnesses threw me out, I was on my own and I do mean alone.  My boyfriend of three years left me and my family shunned me.  So I fell into a deep depression and had a nervous breakdown and gained a lot of weight, because food became my friend.  I struggle with this eating disorder, even today.  

Even though I was emotionally destroyed and shut down, every meeting night, my father would bang on my bedroom door.  It was meeting time and my parents did not care about my mental state.  They just kept pushing me, until I moved out.  Then, to my horror, the Elders came knocking on my door and harassing me.  They would not leave me alone, no matter what, so I moved all by myself from Florida to Colorado to get away from the abuse and harassment.  They stole my youth and my soul and I hate that Cult, called the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses.