Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Suzi Drums' Transition From Watchtower Society to FREEDOM!

Contributed by Noel Parsons

This is a summary I wrote about the main reasons I quit the Watchtower Society [WTS] of Jehovah's Witnesses [JWs] almost twelve years ago.  I wrote it for one of my JW aunts, who essentially told me I was full of crap. 
That could be possible, but I told her this story of what made me look more closely at the WTS's dirty laundry:

When my husband was diagnosed with cancer in early 2002, I was his primary caregiver, while also working full time at a job and attending WTS meetings.  

One night, there was a letter from the WTS to the congregations about "the Dateline program," regarding accusations of child abuse within the WTS.  It was something, about which I had no idea, so I put it into the back of my mind to check on later, after my husband began feeling better.
They've known for decades! Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
It was not until a few months after my husband died when I felt emotionally strong enough to go door- to-door [field ministry] again.  Remembering the WTS's letter, I decided to look up the transcript for the show that was mentioned so I could address it, if it came up at the door.  I preferred to be always ready to put up a proper defense for the truth.

I had been sure in my mind, during all those months that there was some good explanation for the accusations that were made.  I just wanted to get the details so I wouldn't appear ignorant.  When I read the transcript, I lost that sense of comfort.  I looked at other major network and newspaper stories on the same subject at the same time.  This was and is now a national story in more than a few countries.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
Rapists and child molesters abound in the congregations of the WTS.  Victims have been going to the elders,
only to be told that nothing can be done because there have not been "two witnesses to prove the legal matter."  In many cases, victims and their families have been/are being told not to take the accused to the police to avoid "bringing reproach on Jehovah's name" [translation: Keep quiet so membership and donations will not be affected in a negative way, which is of primary importance to the WTS.]  The victims and their families also have been/are being told not to discuss the issue with anyone in the congregation, [allegedly] in order that they would not transgress by "slandering their brother" [translation:  Don't tell anyone else, because we won't be able to instill the fear of disfellowshipping to prevent everyone else from knowing, which would have a negative impact on membership and donations.]  Hence, the matter is cleared [swept under the rug] by the congregation Elders.  Some JW parents have been disfellowshipped for warning other JW parents with children not to leave their children alone with the JW pedophiles, who had been reported to the Elders and KNOWN to molest children.  The scope of this went beyond and continues to go beyond any reasonable person's definition of "isolated cases."
Contributed by Noel Parsons

I really wanted to make it clear in my mind. This brought grave doubts to my mind about the Governing Body and its alleged role as the only conduit of truth from Jehovah.  I went back through masses of the WTS's publications.  I verified every issue that came up tangentially and there are many.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

-- FALSE PROPHECIES:  Oh, come on! GENUINE false prophecies.  I don't really have to list them, do I?  And it didn't stop with 1975... [nor did it begin there] Dec 15, 2003 Watchtower magazine, article: Our Watchfulness Takes On a Greater Urgency... Paragraphs 6, 7, 9, 21... Looks like a veiled way of trying to say 2034..
Contributed by Haupi Justice

-- HYPOCRISY:  Mexican "brothers" were allowed to bribe officials to get military obligation cards because it was "customary."  Malawian witnesses endured mob attacks, rape, murder and exiles.  Mexican Kingdom Halls involved significant investment.  JWs died in one place for something they could pay their way out of elsewhere, with the Governing Body's support.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

-- BLOOD:  When my husband was undergoing cancer treatment, a couple of "brothers" came over to help us fill out an advance care directory for him.  The WTS's version had a few different choices regarding blood and what "fractions" would be acceptable to the individual.  We asked the brothers what being allowed to use blood "fractions" meant.  Isn't it all or nothing?  Well, no.  It is not.  They went to consult with more elders.  As it was left with us, we just had to "pick one" that made the most sense to us.  It bothered me at the time, but we went ahead and guessed which choice would be best. After all, if the WTS says it, they must be right.
I still have the first blood card I got as a JW.  It was all or nothing;  saline solution or some other non-blood substitute, no blood.  I went through two C-sections with this in mind.  Four times, the lives of my children were on the line, because of refusal to take blood.  Now it's FRACTIONS?  Under this circumstance, or that circumstance, one fraction or another is allowable.  Know what those fractions add up to? 100%!  People have died for that.  People still die for refusing blood, because of the teachings of the WTS.
-- BETH SARIM [and associated prophecies], the besotted and lecherous "Judge" Rutherford and the hostile corporate takeover of the religious publishing house that spawned a religion, from which members would volunteer for tax-free labor for publishing and circulation.

-- IDENTIFICATION of the "true religion," as the one having love amongst themselves.  Jehovah's witnesses are just like any other cross section of humanity.  Many are good people, but in some cases they are far worse.  It is not only false, but also judgmental and hypocritical for the WTS and JWs to say that everyone else is bad and part of Satan's world, simply because they are not JWs.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

-- Identifying the ANOINTED REMNANT (born again), allegedly the Governing Body [GB], as the ONLY intermediary now between God and mankind, additionally identifying themselves as administrators of the benefits of the ransom sacrifice.  It really doesn't register with many JWs that the WTS has inserted another layer of hierarchy between man and God.  Themselves.  How have they proven this?  Go through the publications yourself.  Look at it all laid out. That's what I did.  As I said before, I spent months doing this research, while continuing to attend their meetings. I was trying to convince myself that widowhood had affected my thinking, knowing that if I took these issues to the elders for answers, I would be told I had been listening to apostates [I had not] and would risk being disfellowshipped.
Behold!  The "only" mediator(s) between God and mankind. (??)

-- OMISSIONS AND / OR CHANGES in their (already tricked out) version of the "holy scriptures," the "New World Translation."  It has been a while since I looked this up, but the subtle rewrites are there.  Any religion that sponsors a Bible translation is guilty of this, but I was disappointed that the WTS really does this, too. Checking the Kingdom Interlinear Greek translation was most helpful in researching this.
Contributed by Noel Parsons

-- Changing doctrine; then changing it back.....over and over again --  You tell me.  Are those killed in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah going to be resurrected or not?  It appears to be a minor point, because the Bible is unclear about it.  Why has the Society said more than that?  No.  The men of Sodom are forgiven, then they are condemned, then they are restored to favor again.  Why do that?  This has wavered back and forth for over a hundred years. I remember when I first began to study, the point came up that the Sodomites would not be resurrected.  It stuck in my mind, because it had never occurred to me that it would be an issue.  Consequently, I took more than passing note, when the WTS' position changed a short time later.  It became one of those "wait on Jehovah" issues for me.  Every witness has that mental list that they never talk about.... things in the back of their minds that fall into the "wait on Jehovah" category.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

-- DISFELLOWSHIPPING:  I've seen the teaching about how to treat a disfellowshipped person change back and forth over the years, as well.  JWs are taught all the little technicalities; you can do this but not that.  Is it still okay to stop in a storm on a deserted road and help a disfellowshipped person with a disabled car?  It used to be.  I have seen the letters that [my other aunt] wrote to her son (my disfellowshipped cousin).  Her heartbreak is clear.  Is that humane?  Where does it go from "never say a greeting" to "treat that person as if he were worse than dead?"  That's what she felt she had to do and continues to do and I am so, so sorry for her.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
-- GREED: The society owns most of the Kingdom Hall property around the world.  It wasn't always that way. Even congregations who never borrowed from the society somehow had to turn over title from the local congregation to the WTS.  There is a congregation in the Bay Area that is trying to fight this.
Contributed by Noel Parsons
The Society's properties around the world are being sold off and / or consolidated. 
Of course, this makes business sense, because so many child abuse/ molestation cases are being won against the WTS.  

On the other hand, what about the lifelong "volunteers," who have lived and served in Bethel [WTS Headquarters in New York and all WTS Branch Offices in other countries] homes for their entire lives, who are now "no longer needed?"  "Thank you very much, there's the door.  Pension?  Medical care?  But you were just volunteers. Go figure out for yourselves where to live now."

The WTS is one of the richest corporations in the US. You can look it up.  They value property over lives.

I could go on and on. I promised myself to limit my summary to an hour on this.  It has taken longer.

-- In summary to a very long list of irreconcilable issues:

A. The “faithful slave” is fallible.

B. For all practical purposes, the “faithful slave” [self-prognosticating Governing Body] requires Jehovah’s Witnesses to act as if the GB were infallible.

C. This is the entire premise behind "The Truth."

The WTS house of cards collapsed in my eyes.  There are people who seem happy as Jehovah's Witnesses, while many others are miserable.  Many things depend on us as individuals.  People have had good lives, or bad, had prayers answered or not, and been of many religions or none.  People are kind and charitable, because it is part of their nature and upbringing, rather than because it is part of their religion.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

I have been amazed at how many Christian churches freely use the name Jehovah.  They use it as God's name rather than as a talisman, like JWs do to ward off "evil" [most things which are classified as non-JW or "worldly"]

Many religions believe that anyone not of their religion will die the most horrible of deaths at Armageddon and that only they will survive.

Jehovah's Witnesses have told me before that I "just don't get it" and never have.  Funny.  When people decide to leave other religions, they are sometimes told that, too.  Telling someone, who now believes your religion is wrong, that they "never 'got it'" is a shield against facing the possibility that it is the religion that is wrong.