Monday, February 2, 2015

"Out with Consequences," a journey out of Jehovah's Witnesses by Debbie L McDaniel

"In a 35 year association with Jehovah's Witnesses, Debbie McDaniel discovered the hard way what punishments lay ahead of her when making the choice to leave the "organization". Molested repeatedly by the then "presiding overseer" wasn't to be the worst of it. Disfellowshipped at 18 by her molester for behavioral issues, the shunning became too much to bear and she met the grueling qualifications for reinstatement which included begging the molester for mercy so she could see her family again. Disfellowshipped again for homosexuality, Debbie approached authorities about the harassment she was undergoing by family members trying to relieve her of parental rights. When authorities discovered there was a rape involved that had never been reported to anyone but Watchtower, things were about to get much worse than Debbie ever imagined."

"Out with Consequences" by Debbie L McDaniel