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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee! by Rob Stone

 April 1, 2015

There is a Jehovah's Witness (JW) lady whom I’ve known for a long, long time.  I saw her grow from a cute teen-age little skinny blonde to now, which is a 50-year- old heavy-set woman with lots of grey hair.  In fact, my ex-wife and I studied with her before she got baptized.  

She was one of those girls who was real sweet, kind-hearted and a born-in JW.  She was one of those that tried hard to listen to the Watchtower Society (WTS) policies on dating and dressing.  She always wore these long skirts and never pushed the limit on showing to much skin.

The young boys in the Kingdom Hall where she attended never showed an interest in her, probably because of the way she dressed.  One day she met a young "worldly" (non-JW) boy who showed an interest in her.  Without anyone knowing, she accepted an offer to have dinner with him and she had sex for the first time.  She was devastated and very sorry.  She came over and spilled her guts.  I told her not to worry, because I could tell she was an innocent girl who had never dated in her life and the boy just took advantage of her.  So she went and confessed to the elders in her Kingdom Hall and the next thing I know, she is disfellowshipped.

I called the elders in her hall and asked them, “Why the heck did you guys disfellowship her?  I talked to her and I know for a fact that she was totally devastated and sorry for what she did and the boy actually forced himself on her.”  They told me to butt out, that I had no authority in their Kingdom Hall, so there was nothing I could do.

It got worse.  A few months later, the girl calls me and tells me she is pregnant.  A few more months go by and the boy who got her pregnant dies.  A few more months go by and she gives birth to twins.   Finally, after about two years of begging, she is reinstated.  During all this time, her family and friends shunned her.  At this point in her life no young brother wants anything to do with her. 

So the years pass by, the two children grow up and slowly but surely, the young girl turns into a middle aged woman.  To add to the burden, one of her kids is in an accident and becomes a paraplegic.  Now she had this to deal with.  This woman did what she could in life, but all it took was one mistake and the WTS policies destroyed any chance of relief, mercy, and refreshment.

About 3 years ago, this woman, who is now in her 50’s and heavy-set, with gray hair, and has a paraplegic son to care for, met a worldly man who ADORES her.  So she slept with him and the paraplegic son, who is a JW tells the elders and they disfellowship her again.  It’s been about 3 years and the elders still won’t reinstate her. 

I saw her at the store today and as she walked past me, she bowed her head, so I wouldn’t greet her.  I jumped in front of her and I said, "How are you doing?"  She is all scared and tells me, “I’m STILL disfellowshipped!”  I say, “I know; I don’t believe in that shit.”  She is "freaked out" and notices my beard and asks, “Are you disfellowshipped?”  I said, “Nope.”

She got teary-eyed and started telling me that she has written 10 letters in 3 years to get reinstated and they keep telling her, "NO!"  She even moved to another Kingdom Hall, but the first judicial committee has the power to keep her disfellowshipped and they won’t budge.

At this moment, I started thinking of what I would have told her, if I were still in the organization.  The usual JW mantras, "Trust in Jehovah, be patient, trust the Brothers, keep enduring..."  Hell!  The longer I'm out of the WTS, the more I realize how controlled I was by the WTS.  I was like a puppet and they were pulling the strings.  

For some reason, I have been losing my cool lately and it is taking a lot more strength to remain calm.
Instead, I asked her, "Don’t you think it’s strange that the PRODIGAL SON mentioned in the Bible was IMMEDIATELY ACCEPTED by his Father after living a debauched life and squandering all his father’s money?  In fact, when the son came back to the father asking for forgiveness, they slaughtered the bull and threw a huge party, with no questions asked."

She looked at me with her big blue eyes, wanting to ask a question, but she kept silent.  Then she said, “But the Bible says the Elders determine WHEN a person can come back into the congregation.” 

I told her, “I will give you a check for a thousand dollars right now, if you can show me from the Bible where it says Elders disfellowshipped someone in the 1st century and also show me in the Bible where the procedures are outlined that 3 elders are supposed to meet with you at night and question you regarding all the details of the sexual act."

She looked stunned. And then (here it comes) she said, "I’ve never read that.  What does this mean?"

I told her, “Do me a favor.  If I tell you something, can you keep it to yourself?  I mean, you can’t tell the elders, and why should you, they been making your life miserable all your life."

She said, “You know that I have always trusted you. You have always been good to me and helped me.  You have never judged me for my mistakes.  I will do whatever you tell me to do.”

I told her, "Wait for me. I will be back in 10 minutes." I went to my car, got a pen and paper and wrote,

JWFACTS.COM __ Disfellowshipping and Shunning .

I gave it to her and told her, "You need get on the internet, go to this site and read this material.  Once you do that, then start looking at the other information.  Can you do that and keep it to yourself?"  

She said, “I sure can.  Thank You!” 

I said, "You know where I live, so come by and visit me, if you have any questions, and bring your hubby so I can meet him.” 

She smiled and said,  "Thank you for talking to me!” 

I hugged her and said, "Good-bye."

I hope she stops trying to get reinstated.  I looked at this heavy-set older woman and it seems like yesterday that I was talking to this cute, skinny, innocent "teeny-bopper" with high hopes of falling in love with her prince and having a family and just being happy.

Instead, the WTS has taken away all her dignity and respect and treats her like an outcast that doesn’t deserve to be a part of human society.  They treat her like a leper that needs to cry out, “UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN!”  (Leviticus 13:45, 46)  "As for the leprous one in whom the plague is, his garments should be torn, and his head should become ungroomed, and he should cover over the mustache and call out, ‘UNCLEAN, UNCLEAN!’  All the days that the plague is in him he will be unclean. He is unclean. He should dwell isolated. Outside the camp is his dwelling place."


One problem though, her paraplegic son is a strong JW  and there is no way he is leaving the WTS, because he is waiting for the paradise "just around the corner," which will restore his body back to youth and health.  What a mess, huh?

I'm a little upset about this situation.  If you were the paraplegic son, would you listen to JWfacts, even if you learned The Truth about The Truth (TTATT)?  Would you leave the WTS?
March 31, 2015


One of the ideas we THINK is true, is that when we found out we were scammed by the Watchtower we became more aware, (smarter) in detecting frauds, tricks, shams.
The truth is we didn’t become SMARTER, it just happens that we were trained by the Watchtower to become SUSPECT of anything that went Contrary to the teachings and policies of Mother.

We were ALREADY TRAINED SKEPTICS, trained by the WT to not believe anything that anyone said that had good outcomes.


You can never believe a person that leaves the Truth.

A person that does not attend the meetings regularly is not smart enough to give counsel.

If a person is not an Elder, Ministerial Servant, or Pioneer, he/she is not spiritually strong and you should not seek their counsel.


It’s that kind of skepticism that kept me TRAPPED in the Watchtower (not for a few years) but for decades.
I remember around the 70's, some people starting talking about a book titled, “30 YEARS A WATCHTOWER SLAVE.”

Instantly I went into SKEPTIC MODE, perfectly trained by the Watchtower to do so when I heard SHOCKING PROPAGANDA.  Such reaction only resulted in my own downfall.

I remember preparing my public talks with a very catching phrase.


My public talk was a hit.  I was invited to give that talk in every congregation in my circuit.

The results: Everyone became skeptic of the Book, “WATCHTOWER SLAVE” and KEPT AWAY FROM IT AND EVERY ONE STAYED TRAPPED FOR DECADES, just like me.

One comment about the book in Amazon is interesting, Quote:  "Years ago WHEN I FIRST READ THIS BOOK, I THOUGHT like some other commentators that it was SIMPLY MADE-UP or over-blown sour grapes.  HOWEVER, since being a Jehovah's Witness (JW) from about 1978-2001, I have reviewed it yet again and find it jibes perfectly with what I observed, heard and felt.  For instance, IF I HAD TAKEN IT MORE SERIOUSLY AT THE TIME, I WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN CAUGHT UP WITH THIS ..which from (also there see NBC and CBS transcripts) we now know has been having local elders send "repentant" child molesters preaching door-to-door alongside very decent, unsuspecting JW parents and their children!

So when you read my experiences, if they can help you wake up your love ones then by all means use them.  If it doesn’t work for you, then try something else that works for you. That’s the purpose of me relating my experiences, I have hopes that what works for me will work for you.

I get a few skeptics that don’t believe my experiences. Do you wonder how their criticism affects me? Well, let’s examine the situation.

My name here is an alias. So when someone criticizes Rob, it’s like criticizing Santa Clause, The Devil, Batman. It doesn’t hurt me one bit.

My experiences, I feel are not that extraordinary.  It’s not like when I wake someone up, they jump on a white horse and ride into the sunset to live happily ever after.
The people that I wake up are still struggling.  They are depressed that they were scammed for so long and wasted so much of their life.  Many of them are in a state of perplexity because they are fading to try to help their love ones who are still trapped.  So they still go to the meetings and are disgusted that they have to do that. Some who just quit have lost family, and that is not easy.

So how are my experiences extraordinary?
My experience in the Organization was very different than most.  I was fortunate to not have experienced some of the awful situations that many of you went through.  I was the prominent elder, the one everyone loved and respected.  Because of my situation, I made tons of JW friends.  Because of my JW contacts, I ran a successful business and became rich and went to school and became educated.  The Circuit Overseers and District Overseers loved me and always gave me parts in conventions because I would always slip them a $1000 on their visits.  The only reason I left was because I found out 607 BC was a false date.  For me it was doctrinal.  Even though I had doubts about blood policy, generation change, I always attributed it to imperfection.
So I faded for a reason.  

I have access to thousands of JWs, and I MAKE opportunities to wake people up.  Believe it or not, that’s up to you.  It doesn’t hurt me in any way if you don’t believe.  But if I can help any of you with ideas on how to wake up someone you love, then for me that’s great.

(Which by the way, my hats off to you Ruben Ortiz, Betsy Jael, and all administration. You guys could choose to use your time in other personal endeavors but instead, you choose to help those exiting the Watchtower Society.  It’s not easy running this site, but you guys are always on the ball keeping things in order.  You have over 6000 members and you don’t get paid.  That’s a corporation you are running without salaries or stock options.  Don’t think your aren’t noticed and appreciated, at least from me.  Thanks for all your hard work)

So when I read on this recovery site that some lady that was abused, and her parents did nothing, and she finally left, and was disfellowshipped, and has not had contact with her family for 20 or 30 years, it just breaks my heart and it encourages me to use every opportunity to help some JWs wake up and post my experience, regardless if I’m criticized or not.

So whether you believe me or not, you are stuck with me until it’s time for me to leave.  Which is why we are all here right? To recover, and leave all Watchtower Society life behind and get on with our lives.  That’s our goal.

I encourage you all to be open minded in LEARNING how to wake up your love one.  The only harm that can come to you from using my experiences to wake up someone you know is ...... Having your mother-in-law knock on your door, saying she needs to live with you now that she woke up.  Just kidding!
Baptism time at Watchtower Society Convention
March 26, 2015

(1 Timothy 5:19) . . .Do not admit an accusation against an older man, except only on the evidence of two or three witnesses. . .

In the Watchtower Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses
If a child under the age of 10 is sexual molested by an adult
She needs two witnesses, (Not One) but TWO that actually saw the entire event take place.

Let’s think about this!
What are the probabilities that a child molester will sexually abuse a child in front of two adult witnesses?
Zero probability!

________________But there’s more_______________________
The two witnesses have to meet certain criteria.
They cannot be worldly---------or non-JWs
They have to be baptized Jehovah’s Witnesses

____________But there’s more_________________
The two JW Witnesses have to be in good standing
After it is determined that the witnesses are in good standing.


They have to question the young child to see if she is telling the truth without her parents present
If the elders (Most of whom barely graduated High School) decide the child was molested.
They will meet with the child molester to see if he is repentant
If the child molester is repentant, some privileges are removed (Like he can’t comment in the Watchtower study)
But he is allowed to stay in the organization. And he needs to continue to go in field service.

This man is considered better association with your family than apostates
Who left the organization because they could not tolerate such perversions.

In the meantime, the young child and the parents will remain quiet so as not to bring REPROACH on JEHOVAH’S ORGANIZATION

The child will never have a normal life. She will break down several times throughout her life, reliving the horrible experience over and over again. Finally when the child turns into an adult and she seeks medical help and legal counsel and sues the man who sexually abused her. But the statute of limitation won’t allow the child molester to be punished. So out of frustration she sues the Watchtower.  

At that point her family will disown her and shun her for the rest of her life and all her JW friends will disown her.This is the kind of parents that the Watchtower produces. Parents that are willing to let their children be destroyed for the sake of a man made organization who claims is being protected by GOD.

If you do, then I feel sorry for your children who will be exposed to this type of environment.

March 25, 2015

My mother had a minor heart attack and I have to care for her for a while. She is still a Jehovah's Witness (JW).  The good thing is that it has allowed me to talk to her and she is starting to see the contradictions of the Watchtower Society Organization, so I am making progress with her.

Since my mother is still a JW, there are several of her friends from her Kingdom Hall who have stopped by to visit her.  I’ve had several experiences with the JWs that visit, but I wanted to post this particular experience.
About a month ago, 4 car groups full of "sisters" stopped by at the same time.  It wasn’t a specific planned trip with the purpose of visiting my mother. Instead, they were out in service and wanted to take a break to use the bathroom and get a drink.  I say this because, as soon as they walked into the house, the “Old Over-righteous Pioneer Sister” asked me in a condescending tone,

“Aren’t you going to make us coffee?”

It really pissed me off, but I kept my cool for my mother’s sake.  There were a couple of young girls about 16 years old with their mothers out in field service (house-to-house ministry). The mothers and the girls were baptized at the last convention.  I asked them why they weren’t in school and they replied that they quit to be home-schooled and to "pioneer" (full time ministry).
The over-righteous sister started to belittle me by trying to make me feel guilty, saying that I should attend the Memorial.  I could tell that all the other sisters looked up to her like a Goddess, or Elderette. 

So I decided to let her have it and started asking her all kinds of questions.  It was like a cat playing with a mouse right before he gets the claw.   One point after another and she had no answers.  She now looked like a little child that was caught stealing some candy.   I never do this, but it was not my intention to wake her up.  I wanted to bring her down off her high horse.
When it was all said and done, she was speechless.  I don’t want to go into what topics I brought up that left her in a quandary.  But in the end, I noticed the two mothers and their 16-year-old daughters were in shock that this pioneer sister that was considered the Rock of Gibraltar was nothing more than a pesty, annoying gopher mound.

With one last breath she tried to "save face" by using the Great JW cliché,


WTF! (I didn’t say that out-loud, ok)

I tell her, “What does that even mean?”

She says, “It means that if we didn’t have the truth, the way we live our life is still BETTER than any other way you could live your life, just look at people in the world and you will understand.” (still that condescending tone)
All the sisters are nodding their heads up and down, to denote they are in agreement.

So I turn to the two mothers and their daughters and say,

“So you are telling me that if you didn’t have the truth, it is still better for these two young girls to put in 70 hours a month, for the rest of their lives until they are in their 90's, preaching about a kingdom that is not true and is not coming?  In other words, preach a lie. (or to put it in other words, be liars?)

And you are telling me that it is better that these two young girls drop out of public school to be home- schooled so they can pioneer instead of pursuing an education that will make their life more secure and not be at the mercy of some man that might mistreat them?

And you are telling me that if they die for something they strongly believe NOW, but that belief changes TOMORROW, then it is the best way of life?"

The OLD Bat pioneer says, “The organization would never change a teaching that would cost any of our brothers and sisters their lives.”

Now I carry copies of the Watchtower 1967 11/15, p. 702 "Questions From Readers" where the Watchtower Society (WTS) admits that accepting an organ transplant is the same as being a cannibal and eating a human.  The reason I do this is because most JWs “TODAY” have no idea the WTS ever said that accepting Organ Transplants was the same thing as being cannibalistic.  It is not a controversial subject with them, since they believe the Watchtower NEVER said such a thing.
So I brought up the subject and when I did, they all smiled and mockingly laughed at me.  I could tell they were thinking I had gone too far and had totally lost it.

I showed them the Watchtower article. They were stunned and speechless.

I asked the two mothers of the two young girls,
“If you were a JW and needed a kidney, eye, or worse, a heart transplant during the time this magazine printed this information, you would have had to abide by this information and today your life would have been totally different.  In fact, you would not be here if you needed a heart transplant because you would have been taught that it was cannibalistic and would have refused the transplant and died.  And your daughters would never have been born. And guess what, after you would have died, and your daughters never given a chance to life,

Explain to me how that is the best way to live life, even if it is not the truth?

They all kept quiet, and they all took copies of the WTS magazine. Even the old pioneer sister had no words.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. (about a month later) The two mothers and the two young daughters knock at my mother’s home and I am there.  I am surprised and invite them in.  They've come to thank me for the information.  They started doing research on the internet and have begun to realize they were scammed.  They have quit pioneering, stopped going to the meetings, threw away their blood cards, and the young girls have enrolled back in school.  Since they have been baptized less than a year, they are not going through a shock.  All their families are non-jws and they are not married.  So they just took a brief stop in the JW world and have left it for good.

The young girls get to live a normal life.
Minus 4 from the organization!