Monday, May 25, 2015

A Special Tribute to the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses

Has anyone else ever noticed how much the Watchtower Society is like a pyramid scheme? (Revised: 12/6/2015)
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
Watchtower's Pyramid Memorial at Russell's Gravesite

There are the "Crazy 8" at the top (Governing Body members), the self-proclaimed Bride (class) of Christ and only mediator between their God and everyone else, with layers of Missionaries, District Overseers, Circus Serpents, Presiding Overseers, Elders, Ministerial Servants and Pioneers.  

They've managed to disguise their scheme as a "religion," thus avoiding taxation, while all the labor for the organization is free and the payment in reality is just a life of slavery to a publishing company with an intangible fantasy for reward, PLUS.... they greedily hold their hands out and push their minions to divest themselves of their belongings and give them over to the Society, including property, wills, bank accounts, estates and Power of Attorney.
The ones at the top and closer to the top are the ones who travel first class, wear the bling and have become parasites on the butt of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses.  None of the congregations' Kingdom Halls (KHs), which the people built with their own labor and sweat and their own money, which the WTBS "loaned" back to them, money which was given freely.....NONE of those KHs will ever be owned by anyone but the parasites at the top of the pyramid.  The Governing Body members are the pharoahs and all their supporters and workers are their slaves, keeping the pyramid growing.

Amway and Mary Kay have a useful product to sell; they pay taxes, and their full time employees actually make a living and have benefits.  In the name of religion, the WTBS only has to keep making promises, whether they're true or false.

In a Pyramid scheme, the flaw is that there is no end benefit. The money simply travels up the chain. Only the originator (sometimes called the "pharaoh") and a very few at the top levels of the pyramid benefit significantly. Those at the bottom garner a deficit.

Congratulations, Watchtower Society! You've become "Little Egypt!"
"Step right up, folks
And see Little Egypt do her
Famous dance of the Pyramids....Y
ay-hey-hey-hey! Kitchy-kitchy-kitchy..."

Contributed by Noel Parsons   

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Is the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses a Dishonest Organization?

SIMPLE and easy way to prove Jehovah's Witnesses are a dishonest organization......
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
Most Jehovah's Witnesses do not realize that their elders secret manual instructs the elders to deny people their rights to record their own conversations and interactions with the elders. This includes judicial meetings and so-called shepherding calls.

Elders have even been warned at their elder training classes that
if they allow themselves to be recorded the watchtower Society will not defend him in court if they are sued.

Elders fear being recorded because they do not want to be held accountable and responsible for their words and actions. No elder has ever given me a cogent reason for refusing people their rights to record interactions with elders.

What this creates is a unfair power balance between the elders and anyone they are talking to or judicially dealing with. If there is any doubt over what transpired during a interaction the elders have each other as witnesses to what happened and what was said. The unfair advantage occurs when the congregation members or the one being judged wishes to have a witness for themselves of what occurred.

Many people have dealt with elders that straight out lie or dishonestly twist what happened and what was said.

This also creates a secrecy barrier that hides elders transgressions, crimes, and violations of people's rights, both under the Jehovah's Witness rules and the rules of civil law .

One elder recently inanely spouted to me that the reason they don't allow recording is for confidentiality. I responded that there is no confidentiality involved because it's the person at the meeting was recording their own conversation so obviously they know what transpired.

Elders in the past were self-assured that any outlandish conduct or words would be hidden and kept secret from anyone outside the meeting. This is no longer true.

This policy and procedure of not allowing congregation members to have their own record and witness of what occurs when they deal with Jehovah's Witness elders is a policy in place and relied on for decades by the Jehovah's Witness hierarchy including the governing body to hide their conduct. To protect them from criminal prosecution, civil suit and being reported to their higher-ups in the Jehovah's Witnesses power structure.

This is a dishonest policy and highlights and exposes that the entire Jehovah's Witness power structure including especially the governing body are seriously concerned only with protecting themselves and avoiding responsibility rather than any kind of honest biblical justice.

This policy also exposes the Jehovah's Witnesses as a secret organization that relies on covering over sometimes outrageous and criminal conduct. Which they hypocritically have decried as something only a false religion would do.

"True religion in no way practices secretiveness"
Watchtower 1997 6/1 pp. 5-6

Christian Sparlock Freedom

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jennifer Melody's Open Letter to the Governing Body

Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
There is no way for me to begin to explain how my time in the organization and subsequent departure and shunning has affected my life.  I preface this by saying that the Jehovah's Witness organization of today barely resembles the one that I grew up in.   I was devout, attending 5 weekly meetings regularly and spending as much time in the ministry as possible.  This was at age 14 years.  The brothers and sisters then were meek, humble, kind people that made me feel protected, as they were all I associated with.  They were definitely not the loud-mouthed, boastful bullies that post on social media, mocking those that question, calling them names, acting more worldly than those they are bullying.  

At any rate, the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) ensures that your whole life and world is theirs, reprimanding those that have any associates that aren't in "the truth" (what the Watchtower Society's religion is called by JWs).  The Governing Body demands ultimate respect for the elders, which I did unquestioningly and faithfully, until at 13 years of age, an elder molested me.  I didn't say anything for over a year, as that would be disrespectful and the elder made sure to point out that I wouldn't be believed.  

When I caught him alone with a 2 and 3 year old set of sisters, I couldn't stay quiet anymore.  I knew I was telling the truth, though, and expected some sort of protection.  What I didn't see coming was the large gathering at the Kingdom Hall, where I was handed a microphone and told to describe the abuse.  Then he was allowed to question me, which he did and ultimately determined that it was my fault that he touched me, not because I asked for it or anything, but because I must be psychologically damaged.
Two other girls had initially come forward with eerily similar stories.  Their fathers were elders as well, and so was my father.  The night I was put on the stage to answer questions, they were supposed to be there by me.  They were not.  Their fathers wouldn't let them come forward, they answered for them, one saying his daughter had experienced a bad dream after hearing what happened to me.  The other father said his daughter had simply made it up to stick up for her best friend, me.  Within a week, those two fathers were still elders; mine was not.  

As far as what this convicted pedophile elder in his 40's did to me, nothing was ever admitted, and I didn't receive an apology from anyone.  No one protected me, no police were called, as it might cast an unfavorable light.  The pedophile elder was reproved, and I was punished by being restricted from participating in meetings.  His punishment ended before mine did.  I was told that I was punished because I didn't scream.  Again, I was age 13 years, he was married in his 40's.  He is still an active member and I shudder to think how many other girls have been touched by him, which probably continues now.  

Where in the Watchtower Society's New World Translation does any of what I've just described fit in with what you say you teach?  

After that happened, I was a pariah.  Again, 13-year-old molestation victim here.  My father lost his position as an elder.  Why?  To shut us up?  Yet, I continued in "the truth" until, at age 16 years, when I couldn't stand the hypocrisy anymore.  That's when my first suicide attempt occurred.  I was disfellowshipped shortly thereafter, so the other attempts weren't on your watch, although Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs) were as much a part of them as if you shoved the pills down my throat.  

I lost the people I loved, the true witnesses that were loving, understanding, kind, and that believed a great wrong had been done to me. I lost my grandparents and parents, family, friends, and I'm told the congregation was told to turn me away if I asked for any help. So to recap, YOUR Elder that I was forced to respect and obey messed me up so badly I wanted to die, and your kind, loving, Jehovah-approved response was to turn your collective backs on me, tell my family to do the same, and welcome the pedophile back into your midst so that he could continue having unsupervised contact with minors.  That is what Jehovah taught you to do, correct?  
My life since has spiraled downward from time to time.  I battled addiction and settled down with a man that beat me physically and abused me mentally.  Why wouldn't I do that?  Because according to Jehovah's Witnesses that's what I deserved, because I was bad and needed to shut up and just do what was told of me.  

I am just now, years later, speaking of this for the first time.  You see, for all this time I considered that it would be wrong of me to tell anyone, it might make the organization look bad.  That's what I was told.  But the Governing Body didn't care how I looked, did you?  You didn't worry about my mental state after going through all of that.  You didn't seem to think I might have a lapse of faith and that perhaps you should be kind and forgiving, as it says to do EVEN IN YOUR BIBLE, unless you've changed the words again to reflect your lack of mercy and penchant for unjust behavior.  No, you chose to disfellowship me and throw me away.  

I am in a different place now, and local Elders have tried to speak with me several times.  Funny, even years and states away, they knew the story of what happened to me.  They seemed genuinely nice, but I won't trust again.  

So the bible you preach so fervently does say that you reap what is sewn.  It seems, with all the litigation that has been successful, that you are finally having to make some amends.  Yet the members of your congregation are brash and rude to the public, they seem to take great pride in being nasty to anyone brave enough to ask a question.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
Your bible also says that pride goes before a fall.  With the Internet, you can't hide how your organization truly is any more.  There are so many of us whose lives and psyches have been destroyed because of being thrown out like trash by a religious sect that is supposed to emulate the one true loving God, Jehovah.  Do you see the problem here?

Monday, May 4, 2015

How Shunning Affects Those Who Have Left

Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
The following are comments posted about how the Watchtower Society's shunning doctrine affects those who are forced to be on the receiving end of this heinous and un-Christian teaching. 

Brenda Lee - My family has shunned me since 1981.  In 2012, when my father was very sick and about to pass away, I ran into my mother and sister in the hospital hallway.  Sadly, my mother didn't even recognize me. It had been over 30 years since she laid eyes on me.  When my sister told her who I was, she burst into hysterics and tears.  After my dad died, my sister, brother, mother and sister's five children continued to shun me, once "official estate business" was complete. My mother swears she never shunned me.  I know differently and made a video about it to warn the world.  I politely ask her in the video about the shunning and produce documentation to prove it.  During our conversation, you'll hear her hang up on me.  Jehovah's Witnesses don't really want to know the truth, just their version of it.  Here's the link to my video:   Should I study with Jehovah's Witnesses? They seem like nice people. 

I think the thing that upsets me the most is that I lost my HISTORY.  All of my extended relatives (non-JWs) were cut off from me at age 10 when my family became JWs.  I was told "Satan might be using them to keep us from learning The Truth."  When I left in 1981, I didn't know many of their names or where they lived.  Fortunately, as a result of my dad's passing, I've been able to reconnect with some of them.  How ironic that it took my dad dying to bring our family back together.  Three years ago I attended my first family reunion (on my dad's side).  It was surreal to walk into a park and see 100 strangers standing there, knowing they are all related to you. A few I recognized.   Most I did not.  All through my life I've wanted to ask my mom something about her ancestry or medical history but I couldn't.  Now, my extended family, with the help of is starting to help me slowly complete the puzzle pieces of my life, the life I had before Jehovah Witnesses knocked on our door

Noel Blackwell - The weight of shunning is so incredibly crushing, sometimes I barely hold up underneath it.  Right now is one of those times.  It's been almost 3 years and it still hasn't become any easier. When is it suppose to get easier already?  I understand why so many take their own lives, it's almost unbearable to continue on at times. It's not just that you're cast out.  It's also what they think of you and how much they hate you and the way they treat you, on those rare occasions you have to interact with them.  The venomous and vile way I've been treated by my own mother and sisters is destroying me from the inside out.  I knew what I was getting myself into when I left, but I never expected to get yelled at, have doors slammed in my face, and my little children be rejected.  I haven't seen my oldest sister or her children once since I left and she was my best friend.  If I saw my nephews today, I wouldn't even recognize them since they were so young when we left.  I miss my mom & sisters so badly, it physically hurts.  I'm sorry for the depressing rant, I just feel like I need to be heard.  If not by them, at least by someone.
Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom
Lora Watson Tevis - It is emotional and mental abuse of those disfellowshipped.  JW Elders are taught how to split a family apart.  It gives them more mind-control over the ones that are seduced by Watchtower Society teachings to do the shunning.

William Bacon - Shunning is also practiced by alleged Christian Churches.  I have seen it happen and, in times past, I've been a victim of it.  It's very popular, especially when the religion's leaders have something to hide.

Linda Young - It causes horrid repercussions. It left me so vulnerable to abuses by others I literally had no one. I was severely physically ill which affected my emotional health. When you're deserted by your own family, people are suspicious that your character is poor. Not all do, but I think the majority do. Self hate became a constant feature, because I began to believe that there must be something SO bad about me. So defective, I was too stupid to see it. Discarded and hated by the only hope that is had. They said GOD was not listening to my prayers.  It's like any other non-profit.  Publicity is what brings in the big bucks. Image is everything in this world's businesses.
Denice Flaherty - Even the animals live together in generations of their family!  They look after one another, are joyful over new ones born, mourn over others lost or passed on! This shunning is evil and intended to torture, to bend one to do someone else's will.  Loving, warm- hearted creatures are made to give love and receive love, not to be cut off from family.  This causes the soul to die and constantly be longing for that lost love.  Shunning is torture and murder of another human!

Mori Magnus - I've met people more than once, who asked me whether shunning really happens. A lot of people think JWs are strange but nice people. It's a shame how JWs polish their public image and few people really understand the sinister aspects of that religion. And what irony: the Watchtower Society likes to claim they fight for human rights, but disregards the very same when it comes to their own members.
Noel Parsons - I have been shunned by my older sister and her children for 25 years, since several years before I wrote the letter to the Governing Naughty, which prompted them to order the elders in my former congregation to disfellowship me.  

Why, you may ask?  Several years before I was disfellowshipped, I had been in a car accident, was injured, could not work and needed help.  The shunning by my own family members began then, because it is not the Watchtower Society's policy to be charitable in any way as Christians, no matter what they claim.  If the Watchtower Society reversed their shunning policy, the damage to them would result in more people waking up to their manipulations, their deceipt, their greed, and they would begin losing both slaves to do their bidding and money to buy their designer clothing and bling, etc.  And so.....the beat goes on.

The effects of their shunning policy on me haven't been negligible, although there's a whole world out here, full of kind and caring people, who are willing to show unconditional love and are not judgemental.  I did attempt suicide more than a few times, after I was disfellowshipped.  The reason?  I was isolated from all association with people I had believed were my friends and family members.  When you're completely alone and don't even have another human you can talk to about what you're going through, it makes the transition from their version of "good standing" to utter ostracism like going through withdrawal from heavy drug usage, ....."cold turkey."  Very painful.  But I'm strong and I survived.....and I realized my purpose is to help expose the harm to individuals and families done by the Governing Body of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jacqueline Fowler - Shunning has made me free.  I have made new friends and had experiences that I would not have had, if I stayed in the loop with those still fooled and worshipping the words of the governing body.  Their way of behaving would have kept me in bondage. I would not have moved on.  So for me, I looked at shunning as an opportunity to learn and grow.  As a result, I don't really think about the horrors anymore.  I don't depend on others to make me happy, they also have the right to protect themselves from what they feel would harm them.  I respect them and got on with living.  I have been gone now for 5 years, after spending 62 years there.  All 8 siblings and my 3 children with family are still in. Thank you.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Elizabeth Drake's Indomitable Spirit

I was born into the Jehovah’s Witness religion.  My mother and father were converted by my mom’s older brother, who raped her when she was younger.  There were four children in her family.  Her other older brother was associated with an “apostate" (a former witness who denies Watchtower doctrine).  There were so many knock-down, drag-out fights in my family over this religion, that my grandfather hammered a nail in the door frame at eye level.  My grandfather stated that if you couldn’t keep your religion or your politics on that nail, then you were not stepping a foot across that threshold.  

Grandma cried way too many times. My mother threw away the Bible and the Cross that was given to her on her baptism.  Then, while attending a family gathering, which was a huge deal to my extended family, my mother told my grandmother that she would never return because she found "the Truth" (word used by the Watchtower organization to define Jehovah's Witness doctrine).  My parents were married in June, 1972. Two weeks later, they were baptized.

I clearly remember my mother always sneaking phone calls to my grandmother.  I believe I was about 5 years old, when I next saw my grandmother, at a family gathering on the 4th of July.  For the first time, my parents “bent the rules” to see my grandparents.  

It was a HUGE family gathering and I met my cousins for the first time.  Oddly, although my cousins are Jehovah's Witness and one of them was the daughter of the uncle who converted my parents, I was never allowed to play with her.   She was just about the same age I was and I was very excited to run and play with her.  

My grandparents had mole guns out ready to catch moles. My grandfather's lawn was his pride and joy. After a rousing game of "dare" and "double-dog dare," my cousin reached down and accidentally pulled the mole gun trigger.  It shot off her first finger.  I was TERRIFIED.  She was taken by helicopter to a children's hospital, but I can’t remember which one.  My grandfather was transported to another hospital, because this caused him to have a heart attack. This was the first time I heard “the blood issue” (the rule given by Jehovah's Witness leaders that members of the organization must refuse blood transfusions) over and over again.  

I was blamed for the accident.  As a child, I blamed myself too. My parents stated that she could very well die.  I remember my grandmother very clearly in an oxygen tent and whispering that if she dies it is "God's will."  She had a HUGE "no blood" sign on her bed (well, it was huge to a child) and on her arm.  Afterward, my parents recalled that day to my grandparents, whenever they were invited to a family gathering near a holiday again.

Growing up was very lonely.  I was an awkward child, more of a bookworm than a social butterfly, one might say.  I had no close friends to speak of.  My parents would always say, "so-and-so’s parents aren’t 'good association' (Jehovah's Witnesses view of other members in good standing)," or "they don’t have a good 'field service' record (door-to-door proselytizing)," or that "their meeting attendance is 'poor.' " So I devoured books, instead of making friends. 

My older brother was my only companion and as such, he took advantage of our many times by ourselves.  By the time I was seven, he was "dry-humping" me (the act of sexual movement with clothes on).  My parents caught him doing this many times.  I was continually molested until the age of twelve.  That's when I told my parents.  By this time, my brother's friend Eric Stafford was also molesting me, even while we were out in "field service" (door-to-door proselytizing).  

When my parents found out, I was beaten with a telephone cord on the inside of my thigh.  I blacked out (became unconscious) at fifty strokes.  To this day, I don’t know when those beatings stopped.  My brother and his friend never touched me again.  However, I suspect that my brother is continuing to assault my little sister, who is now forty-one, even continuing to abuse her up to the present time.  They live in the same house, go on private vacations together and he pays all of her bills.  I walked in on them a couple of times.  I have a strong suspicion that he was molesting her, because he stood her in the same position as he stood me, when he molested me.

My father had a hot temper and making him violently angry was a simple thing to do.  If the room wasn’t clean, I could expect a beating.  I cannot tell you how many times I was whipped with the cord.  My father began beating me, when I was about seven years of age.  

My little brother was born in 1983.  To this day, I still believe that my mother was suffering from post-partum depression after she had him.  He had allergies so he cried a lot.  My mother couldn’t take care of him so that became my responsibility.  I grew up cooking and cleaning for a household of six people, including myself.  I remember my father asking two elders how he could handle me as he and my mother were at a loss, not knowing what to do.  The elders, Dale Self and Pete Martin, said “split her lip open. She can’t talk if she has a split lip!”  I remember how much I trusted Pete.  He used to give us two M & M's (candies) every meeting.  How that hurt!

Nothing really changed about my life, until my high school years.  My father would kick or punch a wall next to my head and/or leg to intimidate me and keep me “in check."  When I was in my junior year of high school, I wanted to date a young man.  He was a good guy.  I was forbidden to see him, because he was not a Jehovah's Witness, so I was disappointed, but accepted my "fate." 

My senior year was a year from hell.  My brother was exposed by another family member as a pedophile.  He was taken in front of the elders and accused of raping a 3-year-old, as he was changing her diapers.  We were forced to change congregations.  The new Judicial Committee from the next congregation we attended heard what happened.  We were okay for a while, then suddenly, we were moved to a third congregation.  Again the elders were told what happened.  Nothing was done at all, in any of three halls.  NOTHING.  No reproof (disciplinary action resulting in loss of privileges), no disfellowshipping (expulsion from the Jehovah's Witness organization), no announcement to the members of the congregation.  Nothing.  I explained to my parents again that this situation happened because I was not taken seriously. They, again, called me a liar and I received a whipping at sixteen years of age.  “You are being a sensationalist,” they said.  To this day, both my father and my brother are in good standing within the congregation and, to my knowledge, no one in the congregations knows what really happened.

Shortly after this, around 1994, I again expressed a desire to my parents to be in a romantic relationship.  I asked them if I could visit other congregations to see if there were any 'brothers' interested in me.  Being overweight and living in a tiny town didn’t leave much hope for me. My parents told me that I was not going to be congregation-hopping in order to find a spouse.  They said that, “Jehovah will provide one at the due time.” I was distressed to say the least.  I waited patiently for years. 

In 2000, I started working for a bank in a large city.  I needed to leave work early enough to travel back to the tiny town where I lived in order to attend congregation meetings.  I met a man at the bank, in March of 2001, that I thought was so dreamy and so very perfect.  He started attending meetings and became an "unbaptized publisher," in short order (a new convert who is allowed to proselytize, if they are conforming to Jehovah's Witness standards).  In September 2001, 3 days before his scheduled baptism, we were married by an elder in his home.  We were told on the day of his baptism that he was not allowed to get baptized.  They never told us why, only that we would talk about it at the next meeting. We never returned. I didn’t go to a meeting for over two years. 

My marriage was horrid. The violence done to me was terrible.  No one was there to help me.  I was on my own.  I had seven restraining orders against my husband within a two year period.  In 2003, I miscarried a baby when he backed a car into me and terminated the pregnancy.  

That same year, he moved us to California by car.  By the time we reached Woodburn, I changed my mind and wanted to return to Vancouver.  I was so very broken as a human, as a mother, as a woman--everything.  He stopped on the road and made me talk on the phone with his mother.  

He moved our medically fragile baby to the back of his car.  He knew that I would follow my baby to the ends of the earth, as I had been the one to care for her since her birth.  I tried to stop him.  I begged and pleaded with him to stop, as he drove off dragging me down the road.  

After a call to the police, I called my mother and begged her to help me get my baby back.  I wanted to come back home.  I would do anything.  She told me that she would talk to my father.  They called me back soon after and stated that there was nothing that they could do for an "apostate (a former member of Jehovah's Witnesses who renounces their doctrines)."  I was devastated.  

Within three hours, the police had captured my abusive husband and Child Protective Services (CPS) had taken my daughter into custody.  I made the trek down to Woodburn and came back to Vancouver. I slept in the car a total of ten nights before I could get into a domestic violence homeless shelter.

I found out about ten years later that my parents “reported” me to the elders for marrying "outside the Lord." (Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to marry "outside of the faith)."  They made the announcement of my disfellowshipping, shortly after I was married.  No one listened to me.  No one called me.  No one heard what I had to say.  They stated that I must prove that we were "clean" in our dating (having abstained from sex) before we were married and that he has since moved on. 

My father and mother have never established any sort of relationship with my children.  My father and my brother are still in good standing and my mother is a regular "pioneer." (works in full time ministry)  I have not had one call from my friends, while I was in "the Truth," (What Jehovah's Witnesses call their religion)  They go out of their way to ignore my calls. They are still manipulative and strike out all the time.  It saddens me.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Abused at Age 96, Justice for Irene by Nanette Masi

Created April 25, 2015

Update by Nanette Masi

I received a call yesterday from the CEO of the Ageless Alliance, Kerry Burnight.  She's offered to post my video on their website and will try to find some other resources to help me.   Hurray! I'm glad that I've reached many hearts and I have lots of hope that I'll be able to keep my aunt's abusers, her alleged 'friends, family members and caregivers,' from harming anyone else.
If you have elderly loved ones or are aging rapidly, yourself, it is important to watch this video. I lived this heart-wrenching story.  It takes less than 9 minutes to watch, and may save you and your loved ones from terrible heartache of your own.

I can't imagine letting these people, who pose as 'friends, family members and caregivers,'
continue to abuse other elderly victims.  They appear to be cult members, preying on the elderly.  (See Jenny Walker and Mary, Her Nan)  Please support my efforts and help me to bring them to justice.  After two years of legal wrangling and reviewing reams of medical and financial documents, the final hearing is set for June 30th.   My time is short to pull together the  resources necessary to win this case.  Please share this video to help raise awareness of the growing problem of elder abuse. Visit

 There’s no magic pill to keep you from getting old. We’re all aging, every moment of every day.  Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents seem to age even faster than we do, becoming frail, often confused and more trusting of others. One in twenty people in America is older than 85 years; in the coming years that number will quadruple. You or someone you love could be among that group. It is an appalling fact that more than one in ten of our loved ones over 85 will be abused or neglected to death. Even more disturbing, it’s almost guaranteed that no investigation will be made by the authorities, regardless of the evidence.

 Imagine reporting to police that your 96-year-old aunt is being abused by her “friends and caregivers.” Her aide describes finding your aunt overdosed and neglected days earlier, the cause of her immediate decline.  Yet the officers decline to investigate, saying as they leave, “She’s going to die soon anyway.” You discover more evidence of deliberate abuse, but when police arrive, the “friends” lie to police, claiming that they are your aunt's family members and, instead of arresting the criminals and starting an investigation, the officers threaten to arrest you, the only family member, if you don’t leave immediately!

This nightmare scenario happened to me; my aunt died a horrifying death without anyone who loved her at her side. I wasn’t even informed of her death; I found her 2-line obituary online, days after she was cremated. No medical examiner reviewed her body for signs of abuse, because police never reported any claims of abuse.  I pleaded with state attorney investigators to pursue the case, but had no physical evidence or access to records. Now that I have substantial and conclusive evidence of deliberate fraud, they tell me they don’t pursue cases where the victim has died.

Exploiters of the elderly, like the ones who drugged and starved my aunt, are getting away with murder.  They know that families can’t afford to fight them.  They are free to find vulnerable new victims, steal their money, and neglect them to death.  We need this to change. Each of us should feel secure that we will be cared for gently by those responsible for our care, and that the authorities who swear to protect us will do so, even if we’re over a certain age.  My aunt was a kind soul who took in any stray appearing on her doorstep; who gave away money to those in need. She did not deserve to die screaming in agony,  her urine seeping into open bedsores due to deliberate neglect.       No one deserves to die that way.

 Your contribution is my only hope of winning this fight and preventing them from harming any other elderly victims. I’ve spent more than two years of my life sorting through reams of documents to find conclusive evidence. Legal fees have already run into the tens of thousands. I can’t afford to continue, but I can't let it go.  Please spread the word, share your outrage, and help bring about change for all of us.* 

Taking a Stand for Abused Children by Lora Watson Tevis

 Edited by Sashkya Arce and Noel Parsons

I want to thank you for accepting me into this group. I am ready to share my experience.  It's only in part, but if it can help someone else, then it would make my heart rejoice.

I was a Jehovah's Witness (JW).  I left the organization Watchtower Society in 1993, when my 3 children were molested by a non-believer.  My ex-mother-in-law informed the body of elders of the congregation that we belonged to.  

After a Sunday meeting, one of the elders approached me in the parking lot as we were walking to our car to leave.  One of the elders told me that my ex-mother-in-law told them what had happened.  He went on to say that the elders in the congregation can help my family through this matter. I turned to the elder, looked him directly in his eyes and said, "You nor any other elder has a degree in psychology.  Nor do you have the experience in dealing with this heinous wrongdoing to my children."  I replied to the elder inside, "This will be the last time I will ever step foot on the grounds of Jehovah's Witness's property, since you are so ignorant and yet offering the service."  As a good parent and a loving mother, this was reported to the police and the girl was placed on a pedophile list.  

When I was 15 years old and a virgin, I was raped by a 19-year-old young man, who was a newly baptised JW.  He, of course, had already had sex before.  After it happened, I came home feeling dirty and defiled.  I told my mother and she called the elders at midnight.  They had a committee meeting at midnight at the Kingdom Hall.  I told them I was raped by the young man, but did not truly wish to repeat details about the whole ordeal.  The elders said to me in the meeting that it was my fault, that I seduced him. They even went as far as to say that I was like Dinah. In the story of Dinah, she gets into trouble.

Another situation, which I need to tell you about, is what JWs started doing to me, as far back as when I was 4 years old.  I was also molested by two teenage boys, who were JWs, at that time.  I did not tell what was happening to me.  My mom had noticed that my privates (genitals) were red again.  She reported it to the elders.  I was 4 years old and in a committee meeting with three elders sitting in front of me.  They went on to tell me that it was wrong to masturbate, to touch my privates and Jehovah does not love nor approve of what I was doing to my privates.  

My mother was told by the JW elders and a 'sister,' who was active in the field ministry (active 'publisher') and also, a mother of three boys to chain my hands to the top of my bed and my feet to the end of my bed so I was unable to touch my privates.  We were with this family on a daily basis and my mother would check my privates on a daily basis.  If my privates were red my mother would strip me naked and beat me with a belt or a rose bush switch from head to toe.  Yeah, my mother was still an active publisher when she passed away in February, 2014.  Yes, I did step on JW property to attend her memorial service, but I will never again. 

I am writing this so all of you who are suffering in similar circumstances can know that you're not alone.  We survivors all need to stick together for moral support and we are not alone.  The heinous crime that was done should not be done to any child or adult. The Jehovah's Witnesses need to be stopped.  I do believe in my heart and soul that all children raised by JWs should be taken from them for mental emotional and physical abuse.  The children need to be saved.  I could go on, but it would blow your mind!  We all need to hang in there, because the grass truly is 'greener on the other side,' after leaving the JWs.  I truly have empathy for all of you, and unconditional love!