Saturday, May 2, 2015

Abused at Age 96, Justice for Irene by Nanette Masi

Created April 25, 2015

Update by Nanette Masi

I received a call yesterday from the CEO of the Ageless Alliance, Kerry Burnight.  She's offered to post my video on their website and will try to find some other resources to help me.   Hurray! I'm glad that I've reached many hearts and I have lots of hope that I'll be able to keep my aunt's abusers, her alleged 'friends, family members and caregivers,' from harming anyone else.
If you have elderly loved ones or are aging rapidly, yourself, it is important to watch this video. I lived this heart-wrenching story.  It takes less than 9 minutes to watch, and may save you and your loved ones from terrible heartache of your own.

I can't imagine letting these people, who pose as 'friends, family members and caregivers,'
continue to abuse other elderly victims.  They appear to be cult members, preying on the elderly.  (See Jenny Walker and Mary, Her Nan)  Please support my efforts and help me to bring them to justice.  After two years of legal wrangling and reviewing reams of medical and financial documents, the final hearing is set for June 30th.   My time is short to pull together the  resources necessary to win this case.  Please share this video to help raise awareness of the growing problem of elder abuse. Visit

 There’s no magic pill to keep you from getting old. We’re all aging, every moment of every day.  Our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents seem to age even faster than we do, becoming frail, often confused and more trusting of others. One in twenty people in America is older than 85 years; in the coming years that number will quadruple. You or someone you love could be among that group. It is an appalling fact that more than one in ten of our loved ones over 85 will be abused or neglected to death. Even more disturbing, it’s almost guaranteed that no investigation will be made by the authorities, regardless of the evidence.

 Imagine reporting to police that your 96-year-old aunt is being abused by her “friends and caregivers.” Her aide describes finding your aunt overdosed and neglected days earlier, the cause of her immediate decline.  Yet the officers decline to investigate, saying as they leave, “She’s going to die soon anyway.” You discover more evidence of deliberate abuse, but when police arrive, the “friends” lie to police, claiming that they are your aunt's family members and, instead of arresting the criminals and starting an investigation, the officers threaten to arrest you, the only family member, if you don’t leave immediately!

This nightmare scenario happened to me; my aunt died a horrifying death without anyone who loved her at her side. I wasn’t even informed of her death; I found her 2-line obituary online, days after she was cremated. No medical examiner reviewed her body for signs of abuse, because police never reported any claims of abuse.  I pleaded with state attorney investigators to pursue the case, but had no physical evidence or access to records. Now that I have substantial and conclusive evidence of deliberate fraud, they tell me they don’t pursue cases where the victim has died.

Exploiters of the elderly, like the ones who drugged and starved my aunt, are getting away with murder.  They know that families can’t afford to fight them.  They are free to find vulnerable new victims, steal their money, and neglect them to death.  We need this to change. Each of us should feel secure that we will be cared for gently by those responsible for our care, and that the authorities who swear to protect us will do so, even if we’re over a certain age.  My aunt was a kind soul who took in any stray appearing on her doorstep; who gave away money to those in need. She did not deserve to die screaming in agony,  her urine seeping into open bedsores due to deliberate neglect.       No one deserves to die that way.

 Your contribution is my only hope of winning this fight and preventing them from harming any other elderly victims. I’ve spent more than two years of my life sorting through reams of documents to find conclusive evidence. Legal fees have already run into the tens of thousands. I can’t afford to continue, but I can't let it go.  Please spread the word, share your outrage, and help bring about change for all of us.*