Friday, June 5, 2015

Armageddon Hysteria.....Again

Everyone who was a Jehovah's Witness in the early 1970's should remember the manic behavior this particular brand of "Doomsday Cult-ish" behavior elicits, when the Watchtower Society claimed that 1975 was "the year."  When nothing actually happened to support their claim, they edited their claim with an eraser and then claimed they never made that claim.  Well, here it is again, folks.....

Via J Mason Emerson
 Watchtower is pulling out all stops, trying to hammer "Armageddon's a-Coming! Hurry and donate your money to us!!!" Well, why? They need the money. Why since they have so much already for property sales? One guess is they owe tons to somebody with the power to squeeze the money out of them. They broke the tax law for decades and my guess for what it's worth is they are under "quiet" (secret) IRS receivership having to pay it. Others guess stock owners in several of their other allied sister corporations (over 100) are pressing them. Countless victims of their child molestation policy and their attorneys definitely are. For every case going to trial (about 20 last I heard) they must be settling out of court at an enormous amount. I don't know the rate of settlements to trial-by-jury cases; but if 100 to each one then that can also help to bust them to bits financially.

Contributed by Haupi Justice
Jehovah’s Witnesses believe we are living in the “Last Days”: A period that allegedly began in 1914 and will culminate in Armageddon, when God will destroy all wicked. Jehovah’s Witnesses point to world developments – wars, earthquakes, human suffering – to prove fulfillment of Bible prophecy is upon us. Is this true? Are we living in the last Days?  by Misha Anouk