Thursday, June 4, 2015

Jehovah's Witnesses Stole My Girls!!! by Heather Rose

The following story is posted on a "Go Fund Me" crowd-funding web page.  I've been given permission to publish it here, in order that those who are able to help can read it in their own languages and click on the following link.... Jehovah's Witnesses Stole My Girls!!! and click on the pink "Donate" button to help this young mother regain custody of her children.

In September 2013, I was laid off of my contract position after a prolonged recovery process after the birth of my youngest daughter, and my husband ( the girls' father) of 14 years abandoning us.

I could not find employment before losing my home.

My three daughter's were taken in by my groundskeeper and his wife ( Feb 2014) who are Jehovah Witnesses, and my boys with my mother and her close friend.

I have since secured stable employment, have a home and have fulfilled any requests a court could ask of me.

In July 2014 the grounds keeper and his wife cut me off from all contact with my daughters, after my eldest daughter showed me one of her drawing in which she was using the couple's last name. I asked her about it, and she stated "that was going to be her new name, and that their children were now their siblings and they were going to adopt them". I asked the couple about it, and they shrugged it off. I filled for custody and visitation, in December after many attempts at visitation and contact, they responded last month with a motion to terminate my maternal rights and adopt my daughters.

The couple have tried to come up with multiple excuses as to why the children cannot be around me ( their mother), their siblings and family members. All of which are atrocious lies. PLEASE HELP SAVE MY GIRLS!!!

I have talked to many attorney's who say they should not be able to do this, but with me using every penny I have to get everything together, I haven't the funds to entirely secure  the legal counsel I need to make sure my daughter's are not stolen from me, their brothers and their family. Thier attorney is aggressively trying to cut me out of the picture.

Unfortunately, they have the backing of their cult-belief for funding for their legal aid in stealing my daughters which seems limitless, hiring one of the top adoption attorney's in VA.

The couple who took in my daughter's have converted them ( aged 1.8, 6 and 9) to Jehovah Witness-ism, they believe everything that they were brought up to believe in and trust was wrong ( Birthday's, Holidays ect)and the couple have stated the children are too traumatized after visiting with their other siblings, grand parents, aunts, uncles and great grandparents to be able to have contact. The children now refuse Easter baskets, presents ect and claim they are evil and represent "pagan holiday's", they ask to be watched over in "fear of seeing their own family" by their caretakers.

This "Go Fund Me" was started after my 13-year-old son asked me to make copies of a picture he drew.  I didn't really look at the picture I just made copies and at the end of my visit, I read what he wrote which is the picture that says "he has mission to raise money to reunite his mom and his brothers and sisters" and he had been passing them out. My heart broke when I had to explain it was not his worry and "mommy will fix this." So in honor of my 13-year-old autistic son, I created this page.