Friday, September 4, 2015

The Disassociation Letter of Peter Green

Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom

Dear Brothers…my concerns.

Job 13:7 says. Will you speak unjustly on Gods behalf,
And will you speak deceitfully for him?

The answers to the above questions are obvious, which leaves me in a quandary.

1..After watching governing body member Geoffrey Jackson on the stand (having been subpoenaed to appear by the Australian Royal commission on institutional child abuse (case number 28)), I find it difficult to comprehend how a man who claims to be a pillar and support for ‘Truth’ can then under oath (sworn on the NWT) go ahead and tell so many lies.
He was on the stand for over three hours surrounded by a team of lawyers in the wings claiming he didn’t know the answer to basic policy questions that any elder would be able to answer.
Blatantly lying about who comes under the authority of the organization.
He couldn’t even recall an instance of a female judge in the bible saying it has always been men "since the time of Adam" (Deborah, anyone)…how can a man who claims to be anointed by holy spirit and have the backing of Christ who promised to ‘call back to mind all the things’ learned not even recall such a basic biblical ‘truth’.
The Australian branch overseer behaved in the same appalling manner…and even had to then apologize to the commission for lying when evidence was sent in (the branch manual I think) that called the lies out. How is that a ’good witness’ to the world looking on?
The Elders appearing at the commission were quite literally being ‘thrown under a bus ’ for following branch directives and they themselves unable to recall the most basic of things.

2..The intellectual dishonesty in our publications.
Why does the book 'Life how did it get here, by evolution or creation' contain over 100 misquotes of scholars that it uses as an authority (look at the original quotes not just the partials)....does Jehovah need to use lies to bring people to the right conclusion (Read Job 13:7)
One of the main ‘contributors’ to the evolution book is a man who advocates the paranormal and is a young earth creationist who BELIEVES in evolution but that the evolution was guided by a higher power…and a professional dowser….how can he possibly be a credible source to disseminate ‘truth’
Why does the 'evidence' from scholars provided in supporting 607 as the date for Jerusalem’s destruction once again come in the form of misquotes...look at the original quotes not just the 'partials'. None of the scholars quoted advocate 607 but 587 as the correct date….there are 17 lines of independent evidence to support this and zero for 607 (Read Job 13:7)
I could go on. The Trinity brochure, Gods word or man’s book...brochures and magazines full of misquotes and very dubious sources.
3..In 1992, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York applied to be a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Associate Member of the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN DPI). This is the CLOSEST relationship an NGO can form with the UN. The application was renewed annually and is a matter of public record.
Watchtower remained an Associate Member until a few days after knowledge of this involvement became public through the release of breaking news in The Guardian on 8th October 2001.
How can this possibly be right!!!
Their excuse was that they needed to become an NGO to get a library card…(I have the letter sent out)….this a blatant lie….nobody has ever needed to join the UN to get a library card. It is open to the public…you can get one if you wish. (Read Job 13:7)
Mexicans allowed to bribe Mexican officials while our dear brothers and sisters in Malawi were being raped and murdered for refusing a political card
At the same time that Witnesses were forbidden to hold a card in Malawi a comparable situation arose in Mexico, with the Governing Body ruling in the opposite direction for Mexican brothers. In Mexico, military service was compulsory for young men. On completion of service young men would receive a "Cartilla" card, which similar to the card in Malawi, was required for a transactions such as obtaining a passport and drivers license. Young Witness brothers experienced persecution and imprisonment for refusing their obligation to attend military service.

In order to relieve this suffering, the Governing Body ruled that it was acceptable for Mexican brothers to bribe officials to obtain a government Cartilla card that exempted them from military service. This is discussed in the following letter to Mexico Branch Committee dated June 2, 1960.

"As to those who are relieved of military training by a money transaction with the officials who are involved therewith, this is on par with what is done in other Latin American countries where brothers have paid for their relief through some military official in order to retain their freedom for theocratic activities. If members of the military establishment are willing to accept such an arrangement upon the payment of a fee then that is the responsibility of these representatives of the national organization. In such a case the money paid does not go to the military establishment, but is appropriated by the individual who undertakes the arrangement. If the consciences of certain brothers allow them to enter into such an arrangement for their continued freedom we have no objection. Of course, if they would get into any difficulties over their course of action then they would have to shoulder such difficulties themselves, and we could not offer them any assistance. But if the arrangement is current down there and is recognized by the inspectors who do not make any inquiries into the veracity of the matter then the matter can be passed by for the accruing advantages. Should a military emergency arise and confront these brothers with their marching card it would oblige them to make a decision by which they could not extricate themselves by a money payment and their mettle would be tested and they would have to demonstrate outright where they stand and prove that they are in favor of Christian neutrality in a determined test.
Faithfully yours in the Kingdom ministry,
Watchtower B.&T. Society
of Pensylvania"

It is interesting that for Mexico it could be justified that holding a governmental card through bribery is acceptable, since it allowed the brothers to continue in "theocratic activities", yet obtaining a political card legally in Malawi was not acceptable even though it would have allowed the same freedoms.
There are even more scandals with a full documented paper trail.
This is only the tip of the iceburg for the GRAVE concerns I have…to go on would take reams of paper.
In view of this I find I have no choice than to formally disassociate myself from the Watchtower Publishing house and the Jehovah’s Witnesses Religious Organization.
I apologize that this will no doubt cause distress to many but I have to follow my conscience.
An Awake of July 2009 page 29 has this to say "No one should be forced to worship in a way he finds unacceptable or be made to choose between his beliefs and his family"
You brothers will always have a warm place in my heart and I know you will follow ‘the rules’ regarding this decision…I bear no malice toward any of you over this and wish you all the best for the future.
Kind regards and Love to you all