Sunday, August 6, 2017

To All Jehovah's Witnesses........

When I was hungry, you told me to go apply for food stamps.
When I had no job, you told me to apply for gov’t assistance and use my time to peddle your publications.
When I was naked, you raped and blamed me, disfellowshipping me for not screaming to warn the sister at my door for fear you would use the knife at my throat to kill us both.
When I was thirsty, you judged me wrongly for drinking the beer that someone gave me.
When I made mistakes regarding chastity, you blamed me, disfellowshipping me and holding the details of my mistake up for public scrutiny.
When I was sick you ignored me.
When I was in prison, needing an encouraging word, you ignored me.
When I was repeatedly molested as a child, you threatened me and my family if we were to report to the authorities, declaring we would bring reproach on your God’s name and we would be banished, shunned. You offered no resolution or comfort.
When I was elderly, you promised me eternal salvation and a happy life, cutting me off from my bio-family, so you could convince me to sign over my estate to your corporation, whereupon you immediately placed me in a nursing home and sold off all my worldly goods.
When my home was ravaged by an earthquake or hurricane, you made a PR film which showed how much you were allegedly contributing to help those in need, but then came to my home and told me to file a claim with the insurance company, give the proceeds to you and then you used free labor and cheap materials to repair the damage.
You’ve taken away hope for a higher education from young people.
You called the United Nations “Babylon the Great” but hid the fact that you were a member.
Instead of diversity, you encourage intolerance.
Instead of caring, you encourage isolation and a judgmental attitude.
Just as you’ve done to others in these circumstances, it will be done to you.
The Disfellowshipped Ones